The Two Rooms Joanna Gaines Recommends Going All-Out On When Designing A Home

Everyone can count on Joanna Gaines' go-to home tips, whether they've lived somewhere for many years or they've just moved into the house. When designing your home, it can be easy to get overwhelmed and feel stuck during the process, so when that happens, listen to the HGTV star's expert advice rather than panicking or giving up. For instance, if you don't know which aspects of your home to play safe and keep classic and which to have a blast and go bold with, Gaines suggests letting your creativity run wild in the dining room and bathrooms.

"It can be fun to go over the top in spaces that you don't use a ton, like a formal dining room or library, because you're not constantly in that space. I always say that bathrooms and entryways are a great place to go crazy, because they are smaller, high traffic areas, but not as much time is spent in them," Gaines told Elle Decor. So, while you may want to keep your kitchen and bedrooms timeless, don't be afraid to implement more daring decor into your dining room and bathrooms.

Go bold with the ceilings and curtains to bring any dining room to life

Are you ready to take Joanna Gaines' advice and make a statement with your dining room? The ceiling and curtains are excellent places to embrace your adventurous side, as the expert did when renovating a formerly minimalistic dining room. "The original dining room was essentially a plain, white box. Since the budget was small, I had to get creative in order to create real visual interest. I wanted to add a unique play on texture and design for the ceiling, so we installed 1x6 boards and crown molding... we installed a new chandelier to center the space and hung velvet curtains that helped give the room a more finished look and tie the design together," Gaines wrote on Magnolia.

Thus, no matter your budget, you should consider going bold with overhead lighting and curtains in your dining room. For example, if you're inspired by Gaines, think about investing in a chandelier, like the unique Oaks Aura Farmhouse 5-Light Weathered Wood Cage Rustic Chandelier. The item is available for under $130 at Home Depot. You may also want to follow the expert's lead and add alluring velvet curtains, such as the highly rated Velvet Louise Curtain, selling for less than $60 at Anthropologie.

Bold details to add to your bathroom

Of course, not every home has a dining room separate from the kitchen. But every house has at least one bathroom, and as Joanna Gaines said, the bathroom is also an excellent place to go bold. A fun way to make your bathroom look more exciting is to add some eye-catching wallpaper in colors or patterns you enjoy. Do you enjoy floral designs and the color blue? You might like to embellish your bathroom walls with NuWallpaper Navy Secret Garden Peel And Stick Wallpaper, available for under $30 at Home Depot, perfect for adding an elegant yet statement-making floral touch to your bathroom.

Do you want to add bold details to your bathroom but don't want to commit to something as intense as covering the walls in patterned wallpaper? A fun bath mat is a lower-pressure place to start. Anyone who enjoys bold colors and fruit should check out the highly rated cotton Papaya Bath Mat, selling for around $40 at Urban Outfitters. On the other hand, if you want a more unique-looking toilet, explore seats with unconventional colors and patterns, like the dauntless Polyresin Fish Toilet Seat — Blue Round Toilet Seat and Lid, by Daniels Bath. Available for under $55 at Wayfair, this underwater-inspired toilet seat has many glowing reviews for its beautiful design. 

So, don't be afraid to make Gaines proud and do something daring with your dining room or bathrooms while keeping your other rooms more traditional.