Start Cleaning Your Home With An E-Cloth And You Won't Look Back

Plenty of products boast that they can revolutionize your home cleaning. Some deliver on this promise, while others fall flat and simply add clutter to your utility room. The E-Cloth is an interesting cleaning aid; its pitch starts with technology that you're likely already familiar with — the humble microfiber cloth — but ends with a high-quality item that guarantees a fulfilling process and impressive results.

Just how does the E-Cloth work? For one thing, it's made from better-quality materials than the microfiber budget pack you can find at the grocery store. It also undergoes an exclusive manufacturing process that makes it far more effective than you might expect. While all microfiber cloths are versatile cleaning tools that attract and trap dirt and other allergens, the fibers in E-Cloths are meticulously and evenly split, allowing them to more effectively trap debris on cleaning day. Now that you have a cursory understanding of how the E-Cloth works, it's time to tackle the process of actually using one.

How to clean with an E-Cloth

E-Cloth offers a number of products in its lineup, most of which only need water to virtually sanitize the majority of your home — the brand's website claims that its cloth can remove 99% of surface bacteria. To use its General Purpose Cloth (available for $8 from E-Cloth), wet it with hot water and wring it out until it's just damp. Fold the cloth over a couple of times to create multiple cleaning surfaces. Pull the damp cloth across your target object or work in circular motions, pausing periodically to rinse away accumulated debris. When you're done, rinse and squeeze as before and hang the cloth to dry.

To keep bathroom mirrors clean and fog-free or to make polishing a breeze, use the Glass & Polishing Cloth (available for about $10 at Ace Hardware). This specialty cloth should promptly follow the use of the General Purpose Cloth. Use an identical approach, minus the water — you want this cloth to be dry — and deliver long strokes until the surface shines. E-Cloth also offers many more products for cleaning your home, including a Deep Clean Mop ($40 from E-Cloth) and a Cleaning & Dusting Wand ($18 from E-Cloth). You can also snag variety packs if you want to experiment with the product while also getting a good deal.

How to make your E-Cloth last

E-Cloth products can be a great choice for those who want a really clean house, at least according to the hundreds of glowing reviews on the brand's website. The products' ease of use and longevity also make them an attractive alternative to single-use items like paper towels and disinfecting spray — E-Cloth guarantees one year or 100 washes before you'll need a replacement. Another benefit is that you don't need any additional chemicals, making it easier to keep harmful cleaning products out of your kitchen and children's rooms.

While caring for the E-Cloth is fairly straightforward, there are a few factors to keep in mind if you want it to last. E-Cloths can be rinsed and hung to dry daily and should be washed in the laundry weekly. For a deeper clean, boil them in water for several minutes, as frequently as needed. Although they can safely be washed in a washing machine on hot with a small amount of regular detergent, never add bleach, fabric softener, or dryer sheets, as these will limit their cleaning abilities. Hang-drying the cloths is ideal, but you can use the tumble-dry cycle if you prefer. Care instructions for E-Cloth's dusting products differ slightly, as these only require a cold water cycle and hand-drying.