This DIY Dollar Tree Organizer Keeps Makeup Brushes Off Your Bathroom Counters

Beauty enthusiasts are all too familiar with the struggle of messy countertops. The fun of getting ready is always interrupted by the inevitable chore of putting away scattered palettes and brushes. Cosmetics already cost a small fortune, so we wouldn't blame you for choosing not to shell out for a fancy organizer. Don't sweat it, because this adorable DIY brush holder is easy and cheap to build.

One crafty TikToker has come up with a genius way to free up space on your bathroom counter. This creation is also customizable, so you can add a dash of personality by choosing some alternate embellishments. However, even if you stick with the basic structure, you will likely be pleased with the outcome. So if you're on the hunt for savvy ways to organize your beauty room or bathroom, look no further. This cute container will keep your bathroom counters clutter-free and it will also help to keep your makeup tools in great shape.

A brush organizer that only takes a few minutes and dollars to build

According to TikTok user @dana_m_hoover, this fabulous DIY organizer for your makeup brushes only costs $6 to put together. All you need is a plastic scalloped square container, a bag of sand, pearl beads, decorative rhinestones, a tube of adhesive glue, and a glass tile, which the TikToker says can be found in the picture frame section.

Start by placing the glass tile on your work surface with the mirror facing up. Squeeze a dollop of glue on all four bottom corners of the plastic container and one more in the center. Place the container on top of the tile so that the two are firmly glued together.

Dump the entire bag of sand into the container, as well as the rhinestones and pearls. Mix the contents around and your beachy brush organizer is complete. Arrange your brushes inside with the bristles facing up and set it on your counter for a charming addition to your glam area. And if this little project inspires you to tackle some more storage DIYs, there are so many creative ways to save bathroom countertop space with items from Dollar Tree.

Why it's essential to store your makeup brushes properly

It goes without saying that a well-organized makeup collection is wildly satisfying. There's something therapeutic about transforming a cluttered cosmetics counter into a meticulously arranged masterpiece. What you may not know is that there's an important reason to keep your cosmetics in order that has nothing to do with aesthetics: makeup brushes attract all kinds of icky bacteria, according to the American Academy of Dermatology. A neglected brush could wreak havoc on your complexion, or worse, cause a serious fungal infection.

In addition to washing your brushes every seven to 10 days with lukewarm water and gentle shampoo, you can keep your bristles clean by storing them in your new DIY holder where they will be safe from potential contaminants on your bathroom counter. With easy crafts like these, you don't need a big budget to find ideal storage containers for your beauty items. In fact, you can even repurpose an old toolbox and transform it into a makeup case. Think of all the possibilities!