15 Savvy Ways To Organize Your Beauty Room

If the time you spend choosing an outfit is one of your favorite times of day, or you love to experiment with either your hair or makeup, then you might be eager to have your own beauty room. In this dedicated space to indulge in your aesthetic-related skills, you can store clothes, accessories, cosmetics, and more.

Of course, to set up the perfect beauty room, you'll want to keep a few things in mind. For instance, you'll need to choose the ideal color such as a pastel shade, according to Emma Campbell, the founder and editor of Powder Rooms. This will apparently help to create a space that's both chic and sophisticated as well as nice and open. Beyond that, you can brighten up the area with fabulous lighting fixtures. You should also ensure that any potential lamps or chandeliers will offer you the proper lighting while you can also let natural light in through potential windows.

On top of all that, you will definitely need storage space that will help you keep everything tucked away safely and the room tidy. Indeed, if you are looking for a few handy ways to organize your beauty room, then you'll surely be intrigued by the following savvy suggestions.

1. Cosmetics organizer

Make sure that your lipstick, eyeliner, and every shade of eyeshadow have a proper place by using a cosmetics organizer. Available in different sizes and designs that offer a range of compartments, you'll surely be able to find one that's perfect for your requirements. You might also want to get one that can be easily washed whenever needed.

2. Makeup brush holder

To keep your makeup brushes in tip-top shape, it's best to store them properly in between uses. To do so, you can opt to use a makeup brush holder that has specific spots for both larger and smaller brushes. Try to find a closable option that will keep your brushes clean and won't damage their shape.

3. Beauty product mini fridge

Some beauty products should be kept cold, however, it can be a pain to have to grab your face cream out of the kitchen fridge every time you want to use it. Instead, purchase a beauty room mini fridge that's small enough to fit on a table but big enough for various bottles and jars.

4. Jars and vases

Keep your smaller items — from your eyelash curler to cotton swabs — organized by using jars and vases in your beauty room. While you could always opt for clear glass or plastic so that you can see what's inside, you could also use jars and vases that are a color that matches the overall style of the room.

5. Nail polish shelf

If you have a favorite nail polish and only ever wear that one color, then you might not have any problems keeping your single nail polish bottle organized. However, if you like to try out a range of colors, then you might want to have a shelf that is made to keep the bottles neat and secure.

6. Perfume tray

Prevent your perfume bottles from leaving marks on the top of the dresser or vanity in your beauty room while keeping them organized with a tray. As big or as small as you need to accommodate the number and size of perfume bottles you have, it can also be as simple or as fancy as you'd like.

7. Jewelry dish

While you could use a jewelry box to keep your rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings from ending up everywhere in your beauty room, you might want the few pieces you wear every day kept out for easier access. In that case, you can use a jewelry dish that can either be shallow or deep depending on your preferences.

8. Accessories tower

You might have more than just a few pieces of jewelry that you'd like to keep tidy and enjoy having a collection of accessories in your beauty room. If that sounds like you, then you might need a tower that will offer you the same convenience as having multiple jewelry dishes without taking up too much space.

9. Hair styling tool basket

Doing your hair might require more than just a brush — you might also have a blow dryer, straightening iron, and curling iron, not to mention other hair styling tools. To make sure they're exactly where you want them to be when you need them, use a basket that's big enough to hold everything in one place.

10. Storage ladder

Adding a ladder to your beauty room will not only offer the space an interesting focal point, but you can also hang your clothes on the rungs while hats and purses can be popped on top. If you like the idea of keeping outfits on the ladder, just ensure that the steps are thin enough to accommodate hangers.

11. Clothes rack

Have a week's worth of outfits ready to go in your beauty room by grabbing yourself a clothes rack. Often adjustable and sometimes on wheels, which is handy if you want to be able to move it around the room, you can also nab a clothes rack that includes a shelf for extra storage space.

12. Clothing and accessories mannequins

Keep outfits and accessories organized and pristine by having mannequins in your beauty room. Something that can fit various requirements and budgets, you could find a mannequin head if you only need to keep hats organized, or you can track down half-body and full-body options as well as hands for gloves and feet for shoes.

13. Vanity with drawers and cupboards

You might choose your vanity based on the look and perhaps the size as well as what kind of mirror it has or surface area it offers. However, opting for a vanity that also has drawers and cupboards is a fabulous way to keep your beauty room items organized and within reach.

14. Beauty room dresser

Dressers don't have to just be for clothing. In your beauty room, one can be used to store things like your makeup, beauty products, styling tools, and accessories. If you find the drawers in your dresser are a little too deep or wide, then you can use slip-in organizers, which can separate the space into individual compartments.

15. Built-in storage

Turn your beauty room into an enviably organized dream space by investing in built-ins. Think along the lines of a spacious vanity, roomy cupboards, and drawers of various sizes. While it might be a pricier option, the permanent solution could end up offering you exactly what you need for every item that you use to enhance your look.