Prevent Your Cabinet Doors From Slamming With An Easy Hot Glue Hack

Retrieving a necessary item from your highest, hardest-to-reach kitchen cabinet is challenging enough without adding the sound of the doors slamming shut to the mix. The unpleasant noise won't just leave your ears ringing but it might just also rattle your brain. Worse, if it goes unchecked, the impact will loosen the hinges after a while. The cabinet doors might also bend out of shape. Fortunately, there's an easy fix to stop noisy door slams and it only involves a hot glue gun.

All you need to do is apply a blob of glue on the inside of the cabinet door to soften the impact and silence the noise. While you can buy and stick cabinet dampers on the doors to enjoy some peace and quiet, they tend to fall off after a period of time, leaving you right where you started. The best part about this hot glue gun hack for your kitchen cabinets is that it isn't time-consuming or effort-intensive. Moreover, it won't cost you a penny if you already happen to have a hot glue gun handy.

Use a hot glue gun to prevent cabinet doors from slamming shut

While slamming your cabinet doors when you're irritated might be an excellent way to release pent-up energy, you likely don't want this to be your reality every time you close them. The best solution is to plug in a hot glue gun, let it get warm, and apply a little glue on the inside of your cabinet doors, right along the edge. Make sure that you use a small amount, as too much glue will cause the adhesive to run down the cabinet frame (hello, gravity!) instead of adhering neatly to the surface.

If you're worried about the doors getting damaged by the hot glue or want something that will last even longer, get a roll of duct tape. Cut a small piece and stick it to the inside of the door (aim for the lower corner that meets the cabinet). Now, apply a small dot of hot glue on the middle of your piece of tape to DIY cabinet dampers and silence those noisy cabinet doors. Don't forget to allow the glue at least 30 minutes or longer to cure completely before shutting the doors, or you risk gluing the doors to the cabinet.