Instead Of Throwing Out That Old Pillowcase, Reuse It As A Cleaning Tool

Before you throw anything out, it's always worth considering what other use the item may have, like reusing glass jars. This is especially true when it comes to cleaning tools and products. However, sometimes an unlikely item can do wonders when used for something it wasn't designed to do. While you may not think an old pillowcase has much value and have the urge to toss it out, you can reuse it as a rag to clean high walls, fixtures, and molding.

There are many clever DIY ways to repurpose unwanted pillowcases and transform them into a variety of creations, including making a tote bag, keeping travel and storage items clean, making a skirt, or reusing them as a customizable gift bag. Using a pillowcase to help clean places you can't reach doesn't require any modifications and can be a huge help if you have high ceilings and cabinets. You also don't have to purchase anything extra to do it.

How to use a pillowcase to clean ceilings and molding

All you need to do is grab your longest broom or mop stick and place the pillowcase over it. Then make sure it will stay by using a rubber band or a tie to keep it in place. As a last resort, an old scrunchie always works just fine, too. Extend it upwards to grab all the dust and debris from the ceiling and corners, as well as molding and ledges. You can do the same on high cabinets and bookshelves. For an extra kick, spray some multi-purpose cleaner on the tip of the pillowcase to further remove any lingering dirt particles.

You can always remove the pillowcase to clean it and use it again. Once clean and dry, it can be attached the same way as before. This pillowcase hack isn't just for the ceiling either. You can use it to reach the nooks and crannies in kitchen cabinet doors without having to bend. This method also works on bottom molding. It not only saves you time, it also saves your back.

Use old pillowcases on ceiling fans

While you are removing dust from the high areas in your home, you'll likely notice that your ceiling fan is a main dust collector. However, cleaning the tops of the fan where the majority of the dust resides may seem impossible without letting it fall all over your floor, or even worse, your bed or couch. That's another place where a pillowcase comes in handy and helps you eliminate all the hidden hazards that come from dust including allergies, trouble breathing, and poor sleep.

Before you begin, you may want to lay a sheet or drop cloth over any furniture underneath the fan just to be safe. Make sure the fan is turned off and use a chair or ladder to get eye level with the fan blades. Next, place the pillowcase over the length of each individual blade and pull the pillowcase back towards you, picking up all the dust along with it. It can help to dampen the pillowcase, which will more easily help dust stick to the material while also curbing the dry dust from scattering around. You can shake out the dust into a garbage can and then wash the pillowcase for another use.