Use This Painting Tip To Try New Home Color Trends Without The Fear Of Regret

Do you always get curious and excited about all the paint color trends you see everywhere? It's a relatable struggle to be surrounded by many trendy hues for home interiors when you love observing what's hot in the industry and playing with color but are understandably uncomfortable with committing to painting your walls and furniture. After all, such drastic changes can lead to regret. However, the wood aspects of your home are much more convenient for experimenting.

"Painting architectural features such as picture rails and crown molding in bold colors is guaranteed to boost your space. If you don't have anything to upcycle, then painting a single wall, accent ceiling, or elements of the woodwork is a perfect technique for creating zones or highlighting a specific area — for instance, a bookshelf, skylight shaft, mantlepiece, or display area," Helen Shaw, Benjamin Moore's International Marketing Director, told Homes & Gardens. Thus, while painting all the walls in a room in an intriguing color can be too risky, it's a better bet to apply that fun hue to your wooden trims or shelving.

Go bold with your wood trim

A wooden trim can improve the appearance of any room and will look even better with a captivating color. "If you have substantial trim, it's a really nice idea to draw it out with color ... I love to use white on interior walls, however it can be quite stark and put a lot of pressure on large artworks to add warmth ... This is why colorful trim is a great solution, as it brings interest along with a sense of playfulness and approachability while maintaining the freshness of white walls," Cortney Bishop, Principal Designer and founder of Cortney Bishop Design told Livingetc.

For instance, if you want to try upbeat yellow paint, passionate bright red, or earthy green on your wooden crown moldings, go for it, as long as you double-check that it won't too heavily clash with your wall color. Even if you don't like it after you paint it on that wooden trim, correcting the mistake won't be nearly as time-consuming or expensive as re-painting an entire wall or piece of furniture. On the other hand, do you have a goth or edgy side? Embrace that darkness by painting your wooden trim intense black.

Or just rock a colorful bookshelf

Of course, not every home has wooden trims such as crown moldings. If your house doesn't already have those features, don't feel pressure to install crown molding or other wood trims just to try a new paint color. Instead, have fun exploring trendy and creative paint hues on your bookshelf or other wooden shelving to add a lively splash of color to your space without too much commitment. If you can't decide which hues to explore first, remember that blues and greens are typically great options.

"A coastal blue-green, such as Dragonfly [from Behr] creates a soothing sanctuary for productivity and mindfulness ... If you aren't ready to use this color on the walls, consider painting a bookshelf instead," Erika Woelfel, a color expert for Behr Paint, told Martha Stewart. So, don't be afraid to bring the chill vibes to any room with a blue-green bookshelf. But blues and greens aren't your only options. You'll find a plethora of colorful bookshelves dedicated to #paintedbookshelf on Instagram, such as pink and purple, black, and multicolored pieces, so feel free to use that hashtag for inspiration.