Upgrade Your Laundry Routine With These Products From TIHS 2024

Each year, the International Housewares Association hosts The Inspired Home Show, a housewares trade show that allows representatives of up-and-coming brands, well-established executives, and industry professionals to share their ideas and witness the upcoming year's newest technologies and products. Over the years, the Chicago-based event has grown and developed into what it is today: a space for just about anyone in the housewares industry to connect and get inspired.

One particular side of the industry that's experiencing an array of interesting ideas is the laundry technology space. While washing your clothes might seem like a simple task, the items you use to ensure they come out fresh, soft, and damage-free have made some major improvements over the years, and there's no sign of that forward progress coming to a halt based on the ideas expected to be exhibited at this year's Inspired Home Show. We've chosen a few of our top items from this category that we're looking forward to seeing at this year's event based on their quality, innovation, and usefulness.

Newbealer Garment Steamer with Iron

Wrinkled fabric is enough to take an outfit from professional to frumpy, but creases could become a thing of the past with the Garment Steamer with Iron from Steam Master Inc.'s brand, Newbealer. It combines the two most common ways to tackle wrinkles into one convenient package, meaning you can give delicate fabrics an all-over steam and switch to the iron to press stiffer shirts in a matter of seconds. Combine this convenience with the device's impressive 40-minute steam running time, and you should be able to flatten just about any wrinkled item in your closet.

Nellie's Clean Flyerballs

Wool dryer balls have been making waves recently as a more sustainable and cost-effective alternative to traditional dryer sheets, and these adorable Flyerballs from Nellie's expand on that already-popular idea. They're made of 100% wool from sheep in New Zealand, promise to stay quiet in the dryer, and even boast a unique sheep-shaped silhouette that can help bring some whimsy to an otherwise boring chore. All you need to do is throw them in with your load of laundry and your clothes should emerge soft, static-free, and unwrinkled.

Minky Homecare's Retractable Clothesline

If you don't want to rely on a dryer, frequently air out your linens, or prefer to air dry your laundry, investing in a retractable clothesline might be a good idea. This option from Minky Homecare is an especially impressive option thanks to the massive amount of space it provides. Each retractable line is 49 feet long, meaning you get a combined total of 98 feet of drying space to hang all of your family's garments and linens. It also boasts a PVC-coated line to make cleaning it easy and help it withstand the elements.