Give Your Old Mailbox New Life With These 7 Genius Repurposing Ideas

The mailbox is a crucial aspect of every house's exterior — it's one of the first details of the home that guests, people who walk or drive by, and potential buyers see. So, an old and outdated mailbox typically appears off-putting and potentially ruins your house's first impression. But when your mailbox starts showing wear and tear, don't just throw it out — you have other options that let you flaunt your creativity and even save you money.

Sometimes, repainting your old mailbox can breathe new life into it, especially if you paint it in an appealing color and add a unique pattern. But if you prefer to buy a new mailbox, you still shouldn't dump the outdated one, as there are many creative ways to repurpose the old item. Believe it or not, you can upcycle your mailbox to give it a new purpose in or outside your home.

1. Let it display flowers and plants

Who says mailboxes are only for mail? Consider repurposing your old mailbox into a display option for flowers and plants that puts the focus on the flowers and leaves instead of the box itself. If the mailbox is already attached to the outside of the front of your house, fill it with plants and floral details. If it's on your lawn in front of your house, bring it inside, turn it so it stands up vertically, and treat it like a vase.

2. Turn it into a toilet paper storage method

Are you searching for a genius toilet paper storage solution? Stand your empty mailbox up, put it on your bathroom floor, and fill it with as many toilet paper rolls as it can handle. Doing so will save you money on a new toilet paper storage method while offering a more unique look for your bathroom. Consider painting it to match the bathroom's color scheme, too.

3. Design festive decor

Before going out and buying all new Christmas decorations, consider repurposing your old mailbox. Instead of filling it with traditional flowers and plants, pack it with festive decor for the holiday, such as holly and pinecones. Feel free to implement other aspects for different holidays, too, such as mini pumpkins for Halloween and champagne bottles for New Year's Eve.

4. Create a cozy space for your cat

Mailbox transformations aren't only for humans — animals can reap the rewards of repurposed mailboxes, too. For example, you may want to turn your old mailbox into a cozy hangout area for your cat. To make it extra comfortable, line the old mailbox's interior with a soft material, and add character by putting in some toys or mini blankets for your furry friend.

5. Use it to store your hair tools

Anyone who struggles to find places to store their curling irons and hair straighteners can transform their old mailboxes into storage methods for those hair styling tools. TikToker @redeux_style posted a video showing that she repurposed a mailbox by repainting it, hanging it on her bathroom wall, and then putting her hair tools in it. She noted that an old mailbox can hold other items instead — for instance, hand towels, if you prefer.

6. Keep gardening items in place

Are you an avid gardener? Consider keeping your mailbox outdoors but using it to hold your gardening items instead of mail. Even if you're a beginner gardener, it could benefit you to let the old mailbox store your gardening shovels, gloves, and other items. Of course, gardening can get a bit messy, so you shouldn't worry about the mailbox looking unglamorous.

7. DIY an adorable birdhouse

Cats aren't the only animals who can benefit from a mailbox transformation. If you like birds, you may want to let your old mailbox stay outside and make a charming birdhouse. Think about painting an attractive, sky-themed design on the old mailbox to make it more appealing for the birds, and don't forget to drill a hole in the front.