Can't Decide Between Wood Or Tile Floors? The Property Brothers Have A Solution

It's tricky choosing between wood and tile floors because you have to weigh so many factors against each other, including everything from aesthetics to comfort. Tiles are better for durability, but fall short when it comes to everyday comfort. Wood adds effortless beauty to any room, but it isn't practical when any kind of moisture is involved. Fortunately, if you're stuck choosing between the two, the Property Brothers suggest getting porcelain tiles with wood finishes for the best of both worlds.

Durability, style, comfort, and ease of maintenance are major factors to consider when picking a flooring type. In the debate of wood versus tile, tile also wins over wood when it comes to cleaning because you can get away with a basic sweep and mop routine without worrying about damaging the surface. Its longevity is ideal for most rooms in the home too. To some extent, the main strength of wood flooring is its appearance so being able to get the look but in a tougher material is a clever way to go.

Choose porcelain tiles with a chic wood finish

HGTV stars Jonathan and Drew Scott came up with this solution when they had to find a compromise for a couple who wanted both wood and tile. The final choice was a porcelain tile with a wood grain finish so both parties could be happy. Wood-like tiles have gradually grown in popularity as people seek ways to get the appearance of hardwood floors without having to deal with the upkeep and maintenance. Take the kitchen for example. Wood floors have an elegant look but tile will be a much more practical option due to the impact and water-resistance needed for a kitchen floor.

Wood-look tiles can be made of ceramic or porcelain, but porcelain is better for both strength and density. It also comes in more size options than ceramic. Porcelain tiles are especially great for kitchens, as mentioned above, bathrooms, basements, and even outdoor patios — essentially, anywhere where it's tricky to balance function and style when it comes to the flooring. One great product we found is the Corso Italia Nevada Wood collection sold by Home Depot. With colors like ice, almond, and ash, there are plenty of options to choose from, for as low as $35 for a case of six tiles.

What to know about porcelain tiles with wood finishes

By choosing this option, you get a long-lasting floor that you won't have to worry about too much. The cleaning and maintenance are pretty straightforward, only requiring the usual techniques as opposed to regular resealing like with wood. Water, vinegar, and porcelain cleaners are among the basics when it comes to cleaning porcelain tiles. Scratches and water damage won't be issues either and any repairs that come up will be easier and cheaper because you can switch out tiles instead of having to replace whole panels. They're also the more eco-friendly option since trees don't have to be cut down.

In terms of costs, wood-look porcelain tiles will be cheaper than obtaining and installing actual wood. Wood-look tiles can cost around $2 to $8 per square foot while hardwood is around $5 to $20 per square foot. Note that the quality of porcelain requires expert installation, though, which can make the initial costs higher. There's also a major difference in resale value. Wood floors are a homeowner's favorite for a reason; they instantly add value to a property, while tiles aren't that favorable so that's something to keep in mind for later too. Sound absorption is also better with wood, but that can be quickly rectified with area rugs.