Save Major Closet Space With The Wall-Mounted Shoe Organizers TikTok Is Loving

Shoes have a way of multiplying and spreading out all over the place — especially when everyone in the house has a few go-to pairs that they switch between regularly. Unlike other belongings that we can tuck away in storage, shoes are in constant use, so they need to be within easy reach at all times. The flip side of this convenience is a growing collection of shoes that clutters up entryways or is strewn across much-needed floor space. This is why having a dedicated spot for them is crucial, but this can also come as a challenge, chiefly in smaller homes where space is at a premium. 

But as always, TikTok comes to the rescue with a smart solution for just about everything. Case in point: This hack from user @kallie_branciforte, which uses wall-mounted shoe organizers to take advantage of the often underused vertical space and effortlessly keeps your footwear organized. Each shoe holder measures 2.8 inches in depth and 10 inches in width. Being wider at the top and narrowing down towards the bottom means they can comfortably hold various shoe sizes, making them a versatile and space-efficient solution for organizing all of your shoes while keeping them off the floor.

How to use these wall-mounted shoe organizers

To effectively mount these shoe organizers, start by thoroughly cleaning the wall surface. This step is crucial to remove any grime or dust that might weaken the adhesive's grip. Once the surface is clean, unscrew the nuts from the sticky mount. Then, attach two of these sticky mounts to the shoe rack and retighten the nuts. Next, peel off the protective film from the sticky mounts to expose the adhesive side. Carefully press them against the cleaned wall surface. Remove the rack from the sticky mount to easily smooth out air bubbles. 

Although it's possible to simply stick the mounts directly onto the wall without first attaching them to the shoe rack, pre-assembling them ensures that the rack will be properly aligned and securely attached to the wall, and positioned precisely where you want it. Wall-mounted shoe organizers are a great idea because they let you maximize any available vertical space in your home, be it walls, the sides of cabinets and beds, or even the backs of doors. 

This solves your storage problem if your doorway is too small to fit a shoe cabinet or you don't have any additional space, especially in apartments or other small rental properties. The shoe organizers also feature self-adhesive screw stickers, which come with built-in screws and bolts, so you don't have to drill into your wall. This is particularly helpful for renters who are likely to have strict restrictions on making permanent alterations like drilling.

When wall-mounted shoe organizers aren't ideal

Keep in mind, however, that these wall-mounted shoe organizers may not be ideal on certain surfaces, like those prone to peeling such as wallpapers and painted walls. This is proven by the numerous complaints found in online reviews from buyers who shared that the adhesives peeled the paint off their walls. Additionally, while you can put various types of shoes on the racks, narrow kinds including flip-flops, flats, and sneakers might just fall off. 

On the flip side, they may not fit extra bulky and big shoes. Many users claim that the adhesive is solid and holds up really well. They also argued that those complaining about them peeling off within minutes likely didn't thoroughly remove air bubbles or adequately clean the surface beforehand. Both steps are essential for ensuring a strong bond. 

If the racks start to come loose, there are a couple of solutions used by those who've had trouble with the original adhesive mounts not holding up. One option is to physically screw the racks into the wall or surface, providing a more permanent and stable attachment. Another solution is to use stronger, high-quality double-sided tape to solidify them.