The Clever Mason Jar Hack That Keeps Coins And Pens Out Of Your Washing Machine

Finding spare change, pens, lighters, receipts, and other small objects in the laundry can be frustrating or even troublesome. When pens go through a cycle, you may end up having to remove ink stains from your dryer or your clothes, and money can be easily misplaced. Luckily, a simple mason jar can ensure nothing but intended items make it inside your washer or dryer. By leaving a glass jar next to your washing machine, you'll not only have a place to store items found in pockets, but the jar can also help to remind you that you should check the pockets before their contents end up in your washer. 

You may also consider having multiple mason jars, such as one for objects found in pockets, one for sewing supplies, and one for clothes pins or other items you frequently use in the laundry room, like small bottles of stain remover. The jars can be kept together in a small basket to save space. This trick is a great way to reuse a glass jar, and you can keep your laundry room organized and not have to worry about what you might find at the bottom of your washer or dryer.

Using a mason jar to keep objects out of your washing machine

Letting pens, coins, and other objects go through your washing machine is a laundry mistake that's easily fixed with a mason jar, and it's extremely simple to set up. Start by finding a spot beside or on top of your washer to store your jar. You could place it on a very visible shelf or on the washer itself or use something like a flower pot holder ring ($4 at Walmart) to mount your jar to the wall. You may also consider gluing clothespins to the side of the jar to hold dollar bills, important receipts, or notes.

For those with larger families or who sort their laundry by person, it might be a good idea to have a small jar for each member of your household labeled with their name. You can choose to decorate the jars, such as making a slot in the lid like a piggy bank or painting it to match your decor. If you're looking for something more unique, try making a laundry room lost and found. Paint a small, rectangular piece of plywood and attach mason jars and clothespins to the board. You could write a funny phrase or simply "lost and found" on the board as well. This can then be mounted on the wall above or beside your washer for a cute solution for errant coins, pens, and more in your laundry.