The Best Garden Tech Breakthroughs At The Inspired Home Show 2024

Many gardeners love getting their hands dirty and digging into the soil when growing plants and veggies. While the fundamentals of gardening are unlikely to change anytime soon, new ideas can be welcome additions to your humble plot. Inventive garden décor and planting solutions can make tending to your favorite plants easier and more interesting than ever, whether you are growing houseplants or adding vegetables to the backyard. The Inspired Home Show (TIHS) 2024 is taking place in Chicago and is known for showcasing garden tech breakthroughs, so of course we have to be there in order to sing the praises of the most innovative garden products on the market.

From customizable wall planters to high tech robot lawnmowers, TIHS is serving up a little something for everyone who aims to enhance the appeal of their yard and garden. Check out these products if you're in the market for the breakout plant tech of tomorrow. 

Japi Pottery Self Watering Herb Garden-Vida

If you're a lover of herbs such as oregano, rosemary, parsley, and coriander, growing them fresh at home is well worth the time and effort. While many homeowners grow indoor herbs for a kitchen garden using small terracotta pots, an all-in-one planter can be a great alternative. Not only does this self-watering herb garden from Japi Pottery, a brand owned by Japi Sa Industria E Comercio, help you grow multiple plants in one location, but it also makes it easier than ever to keep your herbs hydrated. Chrissy Mysko, House Digest Gardening Editor, got to check out some of Japi Pottery's polyethylene planters in person at TIHS. "They are extremely lightweight and seem sturdy, offering a great stoneware alternative. There's also plenty of different color, pattern, and shape options to fit any space," she said.

Umbra LLC Cubiko Wall Planter

Another TIHS standout for growing several plants in a compact space, the Umbra LLC Cubiko Wall Planter really makes the most out of its customizable design and can be positioned either vertically or horizontally. While it's a great tool for styling greenery in every room of the house, it's also suitable for your home's porch or patio garden. Even better, the four included pots have handy drainage holes and trays so you'll be able to keep your plants well-watered without making a mess.

"I love this piece and will absolutely look into buying this for myself," said House Digest Gardening Editor Chrissy Mysko. "It's extremely convenient to take the pots out for watering, and they slot in perfectly. It's also an excellent option for apartment living, or you can combine multiple wall planters to fill a larger space on your wall."

Ideaworks 4 in 1 Bird Bath

Ideaworks, a brand owned by Jobar International, Inc., created a 4-in-1 Bird Bath that serves as a great place for your local birds to take a bath and drink clean water, but it doesn't stop there – it's also a bird feeder, a planter, and a solar lamp. This outdoor feature can be useful for attracting birds to your garden - a bird bath, feeder, and planter can all attract somewhat different varieties. Shelby Schimmel, Director of Product Management for Jobar International, spoke to House Digest and shared, "Customers love it because it is solar powered. It lights up at night while being decorative in the daytime. Birds love it for the bath and feeder."

Ideaworks Solar Color-Changing Water Fountain

If you're looking for yard décor with a bit more flair, the Ideaworks Solar Color-Changing Water Fountain is a shining example of how a simple light feature can enhance your garden. It can be attached to a water source in a pond or birdbath and displays a multitude of colors while sending water over a foot high. It includes six spray pattern attachments, so you can always switch to a new look for some variety. Even better, this fountain is powered by solar energy, so little maintenance will be required to keep it lighting up your garden's water feature every night. Shelby Schimmel, Director of Product Management for Jobar International, summed it up nicely while speaking to us at TIHS: "This fountain lights up beautifully at night."

Gtech RLM50 Robotic Lawnmower

Robotic lawnmowers have come a long way over the past few years, and the Gtech RLM50 Robotic Lawnmower we spotted at TIHS is definitely one to keep an eye on. Every detail of its design has one aim: to make your life as easy as possible. Not only does it automatically ensure its battery doesn't die, it only takes a couple of hours to recharge so that it's back in action in no time.

A Gtech rep we spoke to on the showfloor also made note of the RLM50's rain sensor, replaceable (and adjustable) blades, and anti-theft alarm system – all necessities for a modern robotic lawnmower. Factor in its sleek design, and you can see why we rate this model so highly.