Add Interest And A Pop Of Color To Your Shower With This Simple Design Tip

When it comes to home renovations, nowhere do the stakes seem more important than in the kitchen and bathroom. Updating these rooms seems to make the biggest impact on how comfortable and luxurious a house feels. They can also greatly impact your home's value. Although bathroom and kitchen renovations tend to be expensive, they can help your home sell for much more if done right. Some bathroom and kitchen upgrades are definitely worth the price.

Fortunately, there are plenty of amazing design possibilities to consider if you want to revamp these areas. A great design trend to consider in the bathroom is a two-tone tile shower, which can create a striking contrast that adds a pop of color and a more captivating appearance. Choosing tiles with varying looks and colors and placing one design above another can create an interesting dynamic that will be aesthetically pleasing and unique. While many showers use one style from top to bottom, combining two is a great alternative to consider.

Planning a two-tone shower tile design

To get the most out of a two-tone shower, think carefully about which colors you choose. Selecting colors that are strikingly different such as dark gray and white can be an interesting option but you can also take a more subtle approach — such as opting for two varying shades of gray. You can also make the design pop a bit more by matching a vibrant color, such as green or blue, with a neutral color. A bit of extra color can help to liven up a neutral color scheme

Keep in mind that there are ways to differentiate the top and bottom of a two-tone design and create contrast besides using color. For example, combining a horizontal tile configuration with a vertical design could work well. You can also combine other configurations and types of tile designs to achieve the look you want. Consider your unique preferences and visualize different options to choose something that feels right for the space.

Other considerations for a two-tone shower

In addition to a two-tone look, you may want to create even more interest with this style by adding a third color or tile style to the floor or ceiling. However, you'll want to be cautious when doing this to ensure that it doesn't make your bathroom seem too cluttered or overwhelming. Choose your materials, colors, and designs carefully, and don't overdo it.

To get this two-tone design style right, consider the materials carefully as well. Tile materials vary in their suitability for a shower and affordability. According to experts, the best tile to use in your bathroom is either ceramic or porcelain. Porcelain has excellent durability and water resistance and also looks amazing. Ceramic is a common choice and is similar, but a bit more budget-friendly. Terracotta, glass, and natural stone can all be worthy options depending on your budget and needs. However, remember to consider functionality when choosing shower tiles and don't just focus on aesthetic appeal or cost alone.