Aqara Smart Lock U100: Unlock Peace Of Mind With Game-Changing Tech

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At a time when technology is more integrated with our daily lives than ever before, you may wonder why you're still bothering to dig through your bag to find your house keys every day. With the new Smart Lock U100 from Aqara, that can be a thing of the past. The new smart home must-have device is a door-mountable keyless entry lock that provides convenience and peace of mind with its many security features.

The technology behind the battery-powered U100 is what sets it apart from other smart locks. For Apple users, you'll be able to transform your iPhones or Apple Watches into a digital key. Once installed, just add the U100 lock to your Apple Home and set up a Home Key in the Wallet. Now, instead of bothering with your clunky keyring, you can just tap the iPhone or the Apple Watch against the Smart Lock U100 to instantly unlock your door. And your Home Key remains functional even when you forget to charge your iPhone or Apple Watch and face the dreaded dead battery. This is a game changer for busy days, but, let's be honest, aren't most days like that?

Unlock unparalleled convenience

What about Android users? No worries. The U100 has you covered with an incredibly accurate fingerprint reading system. That means you don't even have to take the phone out of your pocket to gain quick, convenient, and secure entry. You can program the U100 to register up to 50 unique fingerprints, which means you and your family members can always rely on being able to come home without hassle.

Program a permanent access code in the Aqara Home app that you can share with your family members so lockouts are a thing of the past. The app also generates temporary codes, which are ideal to allow limited access for one-time visitors.

Along with instant access to your smart devices and fingerprint system, the Aqara Home app is a powerful tool to make your home more automated and customized to your needs than ever. You can even program the app to power devices on before you walk in the door. Turn on the smart home-connected entryway lamp, roll up the lampshades, and adjust the temperature by using the U100 to enter your home. It's also compatible with the Aqara video doorbell, allowing you to check who's knocking even if you're far away.

For those who are more invested in smart home systems such as Apple Home, Google Home, or Amazon Alexa, you will be happy to know that the U100 lock can be integrated into all these major systems. Also, you will be able to control the lock via voice assistants like Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa.

Nothing feels better than peace of mind

Home is your sanctuary, and keeping your house secure and safe is one of the most important things. While anybody can use a set of keys or have them copied without your knowledge, the U100 is designed only to allow your loved ones in and keep others out. With its many security features and round-the-clock accessibility, you can eliminate anxiety about whether or not you left the door open with the U100's door-sensing that will tell you when your door is open and shut. The Aqara Home app even comes with the ability to customize your locking routine and auto-lock after a set time, whether you're coming or leaving home, so you no longer have to worry about double (or triple) checking that you locked the door behind you.

When you're ready to add unparalleled convenience, security, and peace of mind to your daily routine, head over to Amazon to purchase your Smart Lock U100. It is currently available for $189.99 — that's 17% off its usual listing price. Installation is easy, as you can do it yourself without the help of a professional, and most doors won't even require drilling!