TIHS 2024: The Best Home Products You Never Knew You Needed

The Inspired Home Show (TIHS) 2024 is officially here and while highlights include innovative and practical products for your home, the event also makes room for a little bit of fun. As we browse through the different exhibits, we can't help but stop and notice how many items may seem silly at face value, but can actually provide a much-needed service or dash of personality in your home.

From a chic side table that attaches to your toilet to a unique geometrical must-have for those with nowhere to store their prolific ring collection, this year's TIHS offers a little something for everyone – including Bob Ross enthusiasts. While not every item featured in this list will become a welcome addition to your bandstand or living room, you never know when a quirky product will become something you can't live without.

Bob Ross Talking Clapper with Night Light

It's not every day that a kindhearted and wholesome celebrity makes an appearance in your home. That is, unless you pick up a Bob Ross Talking Clapper with Night Light. Spotted at TIHS, this little product from Joseph Enterprises, Inc. features a clap-operated light and as much kitsch as you can plug into your bedside electrical outlet. Clapping three times turns the night light on and brings about a little message from Ross himself: "If painting does nothing else, it should make you happy." When the light is turned off with three more claps, you hear another Bob Ross phrase: "You have to have dark before you show light."

The Bob Ross Talking Clapper isn't just a silly night light — it's also an innovative product. The clapper comes with a wireless wall switch, which allows you to turn the product on and off without leaving your bed If you don't want to use the sound activation feature. And if you aren't in the mood for Bob Ross on any given day, simply clap twice to turn on the light without hearing his happy voice.

So why Ross of all people (not that we're against the icon, of course!) As Peter Georgii, New Product Manager for Joseph Enterprises explained to our House Digest reporter at TIHS 2024, it was a no-brainer after the popularity of their Bob Ross Chia Pet. "He's an American pop culture icon embraced by both old and young people, so we decided to create this talking Clapper nightlight to highlight his soothing voice," Georgii added.

Matt Halls Toilet Table

The Matt Halls Toilet Table offers a solution to a common but rarely addressed problem — what do you do with the extra stuff you might bring into the bathroom? Enter this 13-by-8-inch table, which provides you with just enough room to set down your phone, toiletries, and anything else you might need in the restroom. Some assembly is required to get this tiny table set up, but once it's attached to your toilet, you get to enjoy the convenience of simplified — and potentially less boring — bathroom trips. 

According to House Digest's reporter at TIHS 2024, the toilet table holds up to 5 pounds easily, though the rep they spoke with explained the company is always working on finding ways to make the table stronger. As for alternative colors? It only comes in white right now, per our reporter, but Matt Halls' rep confirmed they'll offer more options as they grow. 

Outside of being a neat thing, this toilet table is inclusive of everyone, as it can be positioned on either side of the toilet making it a breeze to use whether you're left or right-handed. Not to mention, it can help folks with disabilities who might need extra support, and it's an added bonus for parents in the midst of potty training and need some kid-friendly distractions to make the process less daunting.

The Original Standing Stocking

Though the holidays are many months away, The Original Standing Stocking really stood out at TIHS and already has us looking forward to this year's festivities. Available in a wide variety of patterns, designs, and colors, this festive addition to your holiday décor stands on its own and saves your walls from the necessity of pounding a nail into them every December. We're all for unique holiday decorations and anything that prevents us from an afternoon repairing drywall, so its no wonder this product took one of House Digest's "Best of TIHS" awards.

"The stockings come in a range of sizes and collapse down to fit in a shoebox. It's a great way to deck the halls without needing to worry about storage space," said House Digest's reporter on the floor of TIHS. "The many size options also make this an excellent decoration for apartment dwellers or those with larger spaces." Prices start at 44.99 on StandingStocking.com, which also offers a number of other holiday decorations, including table runners and tree skirts.

Umbra Ferris ring holder

Style and practicability — what else could yo want in a ring holder? Well, just when you think it can't get any better, you'll be happy to know Umbra's beautiful sculpture and jewelry organizer retails for a cool $35 on its website. Not too bad for a product that effortlessly blends topnotch design and functionality!

At TIHS 2024, Sharon Blanchard, Category Manager at Umbra, spoke to a House Digest reporter about what makes this product so special. "The Ferris is made of renewable wood and is offered in two colors: natural and walnut. It includes 33 velvet-padded slots for rings or earrings." BRB — we're off to buy some rings!