TikTok's Easy Tip For Adding More Storage To A Closet With Dollar Tree Items

Maximizing storage space in your small home can often seem like a herculean task. Fortunately, TikTok user, @doitonadime, has shared a genius Dollar Tree DIY to create extra storage in your closet that's both easy and finance-friendly: a pool station built out of hanging organizers and a few collapsible storage containers from Dollar Tree.

Easy to store in your garage or closet, all you have to do is hang your shelf on any hook and pop your removable drawers inside. Label them if you really want to get fancy. Available in both gray and brown, the collapsible storage makes everything easier -– including moving your storage to different areas of the house. Unlike traditional storage cubes, the weight on these is monitored, so whatever you truly don't need won't fit and will surely make you a lot better at only keeping what's genuinely necessary.

For the DIY lovers out there, this hack is both functional and cute, especially if you're able to play with different colors, textures and sizes when it comes to making this hack your own. And beyond what it looks like, it's all about what you fill it with. 

How to make this your own

What makes this DIY project so unique is the ability to make it special to you and your home's aesthetic. Of course, this isn't just for pool storage. Use this same idea in any area of your home for storing excess clothing, shoes, decor, or whatever your heart desires. If you have lots of small items that need a home, opt for Dollar Tree's assortment of organizer cases, made to fit almost perfectly inside of your new hanging shelf. If you have some excess clothing that's floating around until next season, grabbing some of these plastic storage bins is a great idea, too. Simply grab enough to stack them easily on top of the other, and your new hanging shelf will hold them with ease. Pro tip: store jeans and heavier denims at the bottom, and t-shirts, undergarments, and lightweight fabrics on top to keep everything balanced.

Overall, having a label maker around your house can make a difference. It can also make your life much easier when you're searching for something specific to your child or an event you're preparing for. Create custom labels quickly and easily with free apps like Canva, where you can use a funky text or color scheme. Just print and now your unique storage containers are ready to make your life easier and your home more organized.