This Unexpected Garage Essential Is The Secret To A Fog-Free Bathroom

There's nothing like a hot, steamy shower after work. After eight hours of non-stop work, the bathroom may feel like your safe haven. Trust us, it's our favorite place in our home, too. But what about that annoying fog? Of course, it can be bearable while you're showering (it may even help you picture yourself in a faraway dreamland), but sometimes, if your home has hard water, the residue can remain. Why should you be punished with more work because of a relaxing shower? If you're sick of your shiny shower doors and mirrors getting smudgy, we've got a hack for you. And oddly enough, the main product used is probably already in your garage.

YouTuber, Andrea Jean Cleaning, grabbed the Rain-X Anti-Fog Spray at their local convenience store. Apply directly to a rag, rather than spraying on your glass doors or mirrors. Wipe directly in the spots where you want. Right after, test if you've applied enough product by turning on your hot water and seeing the hack in action. The product is made to prevent any interior from collecting fog and helps prevent smoke residue. Normally used for weather visibility and driving comfort on the road, this will surely be an impactful addition to anybody wanting to get rid of that annoying fog and save their shower and mirror from all the grime that comes with it.

The science behind it all

The amazing thing about Rain-X is that it prevents fog before it even has a chance to develop. The science behind it is all about attracting water to the surface, that way it collects quickly and dissipates almost immediately, maintaining a fog-free window or mirror. Reapplication is usually determined by how much humidity interacts with the surface, so this will vary depending on your shower schedule and the number of people in your home. Considering you likely use your shower a lot more than you drive your car in rainy weather, you'll want to add another coating to your mirrors every one to two weeks. You'll notice the effects slowly wearing off when it comes time to reapply. 

It's important to apply Rain-X with a rag to prevent it from accidentally hitting other surfaces. A blog post from the Unoriginal Mom recommends going the extra step and grabbing two towels: one for applying the Rain-X and another for wiping away the smudges it leaves once it dries. Pro tip: the smell can be pretty strong and even nauseating if you're sensitive to smells, so be sure to have a nearby fan or leave the door open to ensure the fumes don't get to you. Though it's not a permanent solution, this relatively inexpensive purchase has multiple for both your home and auto needs. 

Similar at-home hacks

Though using Rain-X is a pretty spectacular hack for preventing fog, there are other hacks using something that may already reside in your home, for example, shaving cream. Shaving cream contains molecules called surfactants, the base of why it can be so thick and foamy. Rubbing shaving cream on the glass interrupts the cohesive properties of water, therefore the bigger droplets can't form. Though it's typically inexpensive and works effectively, be wary if slathering a thick liquid over any of your appliances in need of anti-fogging is worth it. TikTok user, @sharonscleaningva, recommends cleansing your mirror with dish soap and water before applying the shaving cream. 

Vinegar is also an option that you likely already have in your kitchen that'll solve all of our problems with ease. Grab a half water, half vinegar mixture, spray it on your mirror, then wipe down with a rag or cloth. Be sure to let it air dry then wipe down afterwards to get rid of any streaks or smears. Adding a few drops of soap can also add to your anti-fogging solution. With three stellar methods for keeping your shower fog-free, you're set to avoid all the mildew, streaks, and general annoyances that come with a foggy bathroom.