Jeremiah Brent Dishes Out Expert Advice For Choosing Artwork For Your Home

Art is one of the best ways to turn a house into a home, and there's no substitute for a piece that truly speaks to the person who picked it out. However, Jeremiah Brent does have some pointers for anyone struggling to find the art of their dreams. And, always one to share his ideas with other design enthusiasts, he took to Instagram to share them.

First things first, Brent reminded his followers that at the end of the day, art was incredibly personal. However, one thing he did suggest was to keep in mind keywords that describe the kind of atmosphere you need in your home to make it feel as cozy and relaxing as possible. For Brent and husband Nate Berkus' home, clean, simple lines were the first things that came to mind. Brent explained that was because after they wrapped up talking about design all day, simplicity was what they needed to be able to decompress. "I think, because we're around so much, so often, when it comes to our home and our space, with the art and even the furniture and palette, I just want relaxing," he said. 

Of course, not everyone is a designer, so if you find you're surrounded by a more sparse environment at work all day, and need pieces that energize you, your approach to art could be completely different. Brent's take is still relevant, though: you just need to adjust your personal keywords when hunting for art. 

Find unique ways to tap into the kind of art you need

Even if you are looking for simple pieces, like Jeremiah Brent, that's not to say you have to go for super plain, bordering-on-boring art. As Brent pointed out in his Instagram video, the pieces he looked for were geometric, often mixed medium, and inspired by French art from the 1930s to 1950s, keeping an eye out for cubist pieces. If that's your aesthetic, look up art in your area to see if you can find something similar. 

One thing Brent does suggest, whether your art preferences lean more minimalist or maximalist, or even somewhere in-between, is to opt for things in a similar palette. For starters, doing so helps create a more cohesive-looking space. On top of that, though, Brent also pointed out that having a consistent palette lends itself to moving things around, so you can redecorate your space any time you need a refresh, without anything looking out of place (and without spending more money on new art). 

As for where to source art, there are several options. Look up local artists in your area whose aesthetic matches yours, or head to your nearest gallery. On a tight budget? There are also places where you can buy incredibly affordable art. Etsy, for one, offers downloadable prints you can print on your own.

Don't put all your focus on framed art

Another piece of advice Jeremiah Brent had for his Instagram followers was to branch out of paintings, drawings and other framed pieces, and look into things like mirrors and pottery as art in their own right. Nate Berkus has previously said he and Brent like buying pottery as souvenirs, so it's no surprise that they were on display in the latter's video. In addition to holding sentimental value from their travels, Brent pointed out that the perk of the pottery was that it could be sourced pretty affordably. "Some of them were, you know, $20, and some of them were more," he said. Head out to local artisans in your area, or seek out unique pieces when you're on your next trip. 

As for the mirror, Brent shared that second hand, framed mirrors were always a great, unique kind of art. Head to Facebook marketplace to see what's available in your price range, and what would work with the rest of your decor. Alternatively, your local antique store is never a bad idea. 

At the end of the day, art is too personal to give too much generalized advice, and Brent emphasized that in his Instagram video. However, by taking into account his idea of key words for what you need, cohesive palettes and art outside of prints and paintings, you may just create a collection perfectly tailored to your own space.