The Kitchen Staple That Could Be The Key To Banishing Rust Stains

Rust stains on clothing stand out and look unsightly due to their yellowish or brownish hue. This type of stain can be frustrating, especially if you notice the marks after your clothes have just been freshly washed. One of the most common causes of rust stains is when iron has entered the water pipes that lead to your washing machine. This then transfers rust onto your clothes, creating a stain. Luckily, there is a simple way to say goodbye to rust stains by using rhubarb.

The delicious vegetable, ideal for pies and pastries, will tackle rust stains naturally so you can eliminate any unappealing marks on your favorite shirt or bedsheets. Even better, you only need boiling water and a pot in addition to rhubarb for this hack, making it super affordable. This trick is perfect to try out when it's rhubarb season and is a great alternative to buying stain removal products if you prefer to use eco-friendly methods to banish pesky marks or stains.

Rust stains won't stand a chance against the colorful veggie

The method of removing rust stains using rhubarb is super easy. Simply place a handful of rhubarb stalks in a pot of boiling water and leave them for around 20 minutes. Then, dispose of the stalks before liberally applying the rhubarb-infused water directly onto the rust stain and the area surrounding it. Apply the water separately to each stain if you're working with a garment with more than one or if you're washing a larger item like a bedsheet.

Leave the rhubarb water to sink in for a couple of hours and then either run the garment under clean water or put it in the washing machine for another rinse. That's it! If you're unsure about timing, judge by the stain to see how long you should let the water do its job before rinsing the solution out. How bad a stain is will differ from item to item, and a smaller amount of rhubarb water may not have as big of an effect on some garments as it would on others.

Always carry out a spot test on your laundry beforehand

The way this hack works is that the oxalic acid found in rhubarb will react with the oxidized rust stains on your garments and remove them. However, keep in mind that it can also cause damage to cotton and linen fabrics. Because of this, we would always recommend carrying out a spot test first if you are planning to remove a rust stain with a garment made from either of these materials (or if you are removing a stain from a light-colored item). To do this, simply apply a small amount of the rhubarb water to an inconspicuous area of the item and leave for a couple of hours before rinsing thoroughly.  

If there are no signs of damage or staining, you should be fine to proceed. Once the wash cycle has finished, drying your clothes outside is best since the sun will help to remove any remnants of the stain. Generally, this hack is a great and natural way to remove bothersome rust stains on your clothing, and you can always repurpose the stalks to make a delicious pie or crumble.