TikTok's IKEA Hack Totally Elevates The Look Of Floor-To-Ceiling BILLY Bookcases

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There's no denying that IKEA furniture looks great, but what if you want to upgrade your IKEA BILLY bookcases? Well, you're in luck. TikTok user @slonesweethome posted a video showing how you can transform the look of your bookcases by installing them upside down on a HAVSTA cabinet and using molding to achieve a more traditional look. Not only that, but the floor-to-ceiling appearance is perfect if you want something that gives the illusion of high-end furniture. 

By flipping your BILLYs upside down, the footer pieces act as visual interest at the top and allow some extra space for the molding that fills the gap between the bookcases and the ceiling. Otherwise, the molding might overlap the upper bookcase openings. While the average ceiling height is around 9 feet, this hack works best if you have an 8-foot ceiling, as the IKEA products reach just under 8 feet.

In addition to its stylish looks, this DIY won't cost too much, so it's ideal if you're looking for a budget-friendly upgrade. All you'll need is two IKEA BILLY bookcases and a HAVSTA cabinet, some crown molding, paint (if your bookcases are a different color from the trim), and a pneumatic nailer. IKEA sells the HAVSTA unit for $259 alongside this version of the BILLY for $29 each. You can find some white crown molding trim on Etsy for $5.94. Alternatively, experiment with other styles such as this elegant molding off Etsy, starting at $5.94, or this floral crown molding for $7.99 from Walmart.

Use molding to create a floor-to-ceiling BILLY bookcase

To recreate this IKEA BILLY bookcase hack, start by planning how many units you'll need, two BILLYs for every HAVSTA cabinet, and installing the bookcases upside down on top of your HAVSTA units. If you already own a set, remove everything such as your decor and books, and flip each one. Once that's done, secure them to your wall and measure how much molding you'll need before cutting it to size. 

Take one piece of molding at a time and secure it to the space between your ceiling and BILLY with a pneumatic nailer, repeating the same process for each piece until it covers the entirety of the top of your bookshelf. All that's left is to paint it the same color as the rest of your unit, and you should have a beautiful traditional bookcase.

If you want to customize this, add some LED puck or strip lights into your bookcases or experiment with different styles of trim. If you have a creative flair, try painting elements of the molding a different color from the rest. Regarding the puck lights, grab some off Amazon for $24.99 or utilize some strip lights. Whatever you choose, the smooth transition of the bookcase to the trim will help create a unique look — nobody will even be able to tell it's a piece from IKEA, making it one of the smartest DIY hacks with BILLY bookcases