Banish Window Scratches With This Unexpected Product You May Already Own

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With age, windows can develop scratches, both from environmental sources and accidental human interactions. The most common and yet simple cause of window scratches is actually the accumulation of dirt, sand, and other abrasive substances on the glass surface. Moreover, if you clean your windows improperly or infrequently, these abrasive particles can create friction and ultimately lead to damage or scratches. Utilizing abrasive cleaning tools or harsh chemicals that aren't formulated for windows can also lead to unintentional scratching. Since windows are both fragile and expensive to replace, it's important to gently clean them regularly, inside and out, to maintain their integrity and longevity. Nevertheless, if you've noticed a few scratches and would like a simple solution to resolve them, try picking up a bottle of metal polish.

While typically a cleaning and polishing solution for metal surfaces, metal polish is often a liquid or paste intended to be used on metal objects like silverware, jewelry, or even car parts to restore their shine. Fortunately, this same substance can also be used to remove scratches from glass surfaces like your windows. Simultaneously, the metal polish can also condition the surface of your windows, helping to maintain its clarity with just a gentle buffing. Since metal polish is designed to help renew the shine of smooth surfaces, it may be just the trick you need to banish those unsightly scratches from the windows in your home.

How to remove window scratches with metal polish

If you're ready to restore the transparent shine to your scratched windows, you'll only need to gather a few materials to get started. Gather a non-abrasive metal polish, glass cleaner, and three soft cloths. Before applying the metal polish, it's a good idea to clean the window first to ensure there are no small particles like dust or dirt that may further damage or scratch the surface. Spray on your glass cleaner and wipe it clean and dry using one of the soft cloths.

Next, apply a small amount of metal polish to the surface of a new cloth. You do not need a lot and using too much could actually damage the window. Use the soft cloth to gently buff the area with the scratch. You may want to try this on both sides of the window, especially if you do not notice any improvement. The scratch you assumed was on one side could actually have been caused on the opposite surface.

Once you have buffed the window with the metal polish, grab the final clean cloth and wipe away any residue. With any luck, your scratched window should be as good as new. It's also important to note that repeating this process can actually cause damage to your window, so do not repeat the application if it doesn't work the first time. To thoroughly remove the metal polish, you can also use your glass cleaner again to restore the window's shine.

Cautions for the metal polish method

While metal polish can be a neat trick to use in order to fix window scratches, there are some important details to keep in mind to protect the integrity of your windows and avoid any steep costs in replacing your windows altogether. Like with any product, it's a good idea to test your metal polish on an inconspicuous area of your window, or window with the same glass that is in a less trafficked area of your home.

Additionally, it's important to look for a non-abrasive metal polish, one that may even mention compatibility with windows or glass. One example is Flitz Metal Polish, available on Amazon for $6.49. With over 5,000 reviews and a 4.4-star rating, this product claims to work well on glass surfaces and is also non-abrasive. A product like this is important so that you do not cause additional damage to your windows in an effort to restore them. At the same time, investing in a product like this one also has additional uses throughout your home, so it's a wise and versatile purchase to make.

One final point to keep in mind is to be gentle in your application of the metal polish. Using too much or applying too much pressure can not only fail to remove the scratches but also weaken the glass or cause it to crack. Always maintain a gentle touch and let the polish work its magic.