Use This Clever Hack To Fix Baseball Caps That Have Lost Their Shape In The Washer

When it comes to washing our clothes, many of us are meticulous about how many times each item is worn before it is washed. But are we meticulous about washing our baseball hats? Probably not. Perhaps it's out of fear that the hat will lose its shape or color. That said, if you have a hat that got washed, smooshed, and has lost its shape, there is a surprising way that a balloon (yes, a balloon) can get it back in party mode. 

Please note that despite people's neglect, it's fairly important to wash hats. Not washing hats can lead to skin issues like acne, according to Dermatology & Laser Center director Dr. Paul Friedman, who told Today, "Our bodies shed dead skin cells, exude salt, sweat and sebum every day. For hats that come into contact with the skin for casual to daily use, I recommend washing your hat at least once a week." Friedman added that keeping hats clean is particularly important for anyone who already has pre-existing skin concerns. Especially since cleaning hats has never been easier, we don't have a lot of excuses.

Depending on the materials of the hat, you could wash it in the washing machine or dishwasher. You can also hand wash it, which is the best way to wash your baseball cap. Either way, you'll want to let it air-dry, and that is when you'll want to take a few measures to make sure the hat maintains its shape — which is when the balloon method comes in. 

How to maintain a wet hat's shape using the balloon hack

After washing your baseball cap the right way, it's time to get it back into its proper shape. To accomplish this, cleaning expert Jolie Kerr wrote in Esquire that you can "Squeeze out as much water as you can (gently!), reshape the cap and allow it to air dry." There's only so much reshaping you can do with hands alone, though, which is why this balloon hack is so perfect for taking us to bring your hat back from shapeless to shapely. And no, this trick isn't just full of hot air — it really works! 

All you have to do is take a standard-sized round balloon, blow it up, tie it off, and place it inside the hat. Leave the balloon in the hat until it is dry. This will give your hat its rounded shape back without a lot of effort on your part. Since, like a human head, it is rounded, it simulates a head shape and saves you from wearing a damp hat — which isn't very pleasant — but achieves the same desired effect. 

If you don't have balloons on hand, you can also create a towel ball by wadding up a hand towel and placing it inside the hat to keep its shape. A medium-sized bowl could also work. The balloon is certainly the most amusing option, though, and unless you're going to buy a hat stand or mold for washing your baseball caps, the balloon hack is one of the easiest and cheapest hat-saving methods out there.