TIHS 2024: The Smallest Products That Make A Big Impact

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Cleaning, organizing, and home decor enthusiasts should be excited, as The Inspired Home Show (TIHS) 2024 has products you never knew you needed. We have the pleasure of living every home-obsessed individual's dream by attending the exciting trade show and presenting our readers with some standout findings. And we were sure to pay attention to even the tiniest products, as we know that some small items can surprise people with their impressive impact.

While it can initially be easy to underestimate products in small packages, sometimes the most petite home-related items can be the most helpful, making life easier for homeowners and renters. So, don't do yourself and your home a disservice by ignoring smaller items and only paying attention to larger pieces, as the smaller products can sometimes be more convenient and will always require less storage. For instance, some standout pint-sized items worth noting include compact yet powerful products to help clean your dishes, organizers to keep your clothes hangers in place, and furniture-protecting pads. Be sure to give these adorably little yet helpful products a chance!

Nellie's Dish Stick

Anyone who feels like washing dishes is more stressful and time-consuming than necessary should check out the petite Dish Stick + Refills Dish Soap Dispensing Brush Set, available for $34 at Nellie's. All you'll have to do is rub the brush filled with "Dish Butter" — which looks like a stick of butter, and the refill packets look like packaged butter sticks — on your dishes, twisting as needed until you use the entire stick. After you run out of soap, open one of those cleverly named refills to continue cleaning.

After seeing a demo of this product at TIHS 2024, it seems like a fantastic and powerful cleaning tool. We love that the handle is meant to be reused, and you can replace the brush heads and detergent sticks as needed. Points for sustainability. Paula Grigg, Director of Marketing at Nellie's Clean, told House Digest that "the coolest thing about the Dish Stick is how concentrated the detergent is. One detergent stick can last for more than 2 weeks. It's a clutter and mess-free product."

Joseph Joseph Orderly Clothes Rail Spacer

Do your clothes hangers often get tangled or crash into each other in your closet, making it challenging to grab the items you need when you need them and pull them out of your wardrobe? The little but helpful Joseph Joseph Orderly Clothes Rail Spacer sells for $8 on Amazon and should keep your hangers neat and organized, preventing them from moving around and interfering with your favorite lightweight clothing. Also, each rail spacer consists of at least 90% post-consumer waste plastic, making this an ideal buy for environmentally friendly shoppers.

This seems like a great product if you'd like to give your clothes some room to breathe or space to highlight favorite pieces in your closet. Ali Bork, Key Account Manager at Joseph Joseph, told us, "This is a new product for 2024. There are two sizes — one for bulkier items like suit jackets, and one with closer spacing for trousers and skirts. Our brand is focused on smart space and storage solutions, so we are excited to expand our catalog to include laundry items."

Slipstick GorillaFelt Chair Leg Floor Protectors

Are you looking for tiny but mighty products to protect your floors and furniture? The Slipstick GorillaFelt sliders fit onto just about any chair leg, making them super reliable for keeping surfaces safe from damage — despite the pads' tiny appearances. 

We loved how versatile these floor protectors are. They can stretch to fit just about any chair leg, and there are four sizes available. Darren Forbes, Owner of Slipstick, told House Digest that this product has a few features that make it stand out from the competition. "There is no need to remove any pre-existing pads or plastic that may be on the bottom of your chairs. The steel plate keeps the bottom of the chair leg from pushing through the felt over time. The proprietary synthetic rubber allows the pads to stretch to fit on a wide variety of chairs."

A pack of eight 5/8 inch – 7/8 inch pads can be purchased on Amazon for $9.99.

Forever Sponge

One of the many annoying things about washing dishes is how quickly you have to change out sponges. RESCUE LLC aims to take away that nuisance with its Forever Sponge. Billed by TIHS as "the world's first everlasting kitchen sponge," this product seems to be the real dishwashing deal. With materials that fight in-sponge germs and are ideal for cleaning sharp and hot surfaces, Forever Sponge is a champion in the dishwashing arena. 

This might be our new favorite sponge. Invented by a firefighter, this sponge is made from super tough, cut-resistant, high-performance polyethylene and includes antimicrobial foam. It can be tossed into the dishwasher weekly for cleaning.

You can purchase your very own Forever Sponge for $11.95 on RESCUE LLC's website.

HEGS Clothespins with hooks

Have you ever run into a situation where you don't have enough clothespins or your clothespins simply won't hold laundry with tiny straps or strings attached to it? HEGS heard you and came out with its very own clothespins with hooks. Now, you can not only have strong clothespins to hang a piece of laundry, but you can hang multiple pieces at once. Not only that, your laundry with tiny straps or strings will fit snuggly in the hooks molded to the front of the hooks.

At TIHS 2024, we loved these colorful clothespins that have an added hook on each side for even more hanging versatility. These made in Australia pins are durable and allow you to color-code your laundry. Or you can just mix and match for fun. Steven Thompson, owner of HEGS Pegs, told House Digest that "air-drying is almost exclusively used in Australia due to the high cost of electricity. Durability is so important. Our clothespins have rust-proof stainless steel springs and are made of polypropylene that includes a UV stabilizer, so they won't break down in the sun."

A 24-pack of HEGS clothespins can be purchased from the company's website for $12.99.

Wrap-It Storage Cable Labels

It's very common in the modern home to see bunches of similarly colored wires as far as the eye can see. It's often hard to figure out which wire goes to what electronic device. This is where Wrap-It Storage has you covered with its Cable Labels. These vibrant tags come in multiple colors and can easily be written on with a ballpoint pen. Plus, you don't have to worry about getting sticker mess on your cables. According to TIHS, these feature hook and loop closures. 

We adore how incredibly useful these tabs are for helping to differentiate between cords. They come in a variety of sizes, in both white and a rainbow of colors. Jennifer Schock, Vice President of Sales and Product Development at Wrap-It Storage, told House Digest that "the Cable Labels have been very popular. We offer them in four sizes. While most customers love the bright colors, some opt for the simplicity of the white labels."

A 30-pack of medium-sized Wrap-It cable labels can purchased from Amazon for $15.99.