Why You Should Install A Vertical Drawer Beside Your Stove

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If you live in a small space, this one's for you. We all know the woes of never having enough counter room. Beyond your kitchen always looking cluttered, it genuinely makes it difficult to navigate instances where you're cooking for your family or hosting dinner parties. Having your utensils nearby is a must for maneuvering with ease, but it can definitely be a pain. Luckily, we have a few unique and functional shelving ideas that will maximize space throughout your kitchen, and truly leave you feeling less cluttered immediately. 

TikTok user @thebrainandthebrawn had the same issue and decided installing a vertical drawer was the key to solving all of their utensil problems. Simply put, the drawer stands tall, ensuring that all of your utensils like spatulas, ladles, and whisks have a home that makes it easier for you to store them. Unlike horizontal shelves, you won't have to worry about searching tirelessly for your favorite set of tongs, that just so happens to be buried underneath every utensil you own.

How to install a vertical shelf in your home

If you have the time and ability to do it, installing a vertical drawer in your home can be beneficial to both saving space and curating an aesthetic. Kitchen remodeling can be difficult, so creating a DIY project that's easy and efficient may be the better option. If you're set on doing it yourself, the main tools and materials you'll need are a drill, pine boards, a tape measure, and hardware for the outside of your drawer.

Be sure you know the length and width of the space the drawer will be going into, to ensure your drawer fits with ease. Pro tip: If you'd like to save a step here, opt for letting your preferred hardware store cut your wood for you in advance. 

Once all your wood is cut, attach the front piece to the side pieces and base of your drawer using a drill, to create a box shape without a top. Then repeat the process to add any dividers in your drawer (or you can simply buy a divider to insert later, such as The Brain and the Brawn's $20 version). You may need to sand the edges for a smoother finish. Separate your drawer slides and attach them to the sides of your drawer and the frames where your drawer is going using screws. Create holes for hardware on the front of your drawer and then attach your hardware.

Other options for smart kitchen storage

If a full kitchen makeover isn't in your cards, you can still opt for a renter-friendly DIYs that won't jeopardize your deposit and still makes your kitchen a lot easier to navigate. TikTok user @jazzy.lashea grabbed a five-tier storage shelf and filled it with a variety of utensils, and heavier appliances like an air fryer, blender and a few pots and pans. Surprisingly enough, it fits right beside their refrigerator. 

If you prefer something smaller, condensing your shelves may be the solution. Though TikTok user @verticalspice uses this method for spices, the same idea can be applied to storing smaller utensils in your cabinets. First things first, ensure the base of the shelf you're using is even all around. Be sure you have hinge clearance for opening and closing with ease. Put your vertical spice rack slider in and use a screwdriver to screw it in place. Once it's tightened, repeat for all screws and either lay your utensils flat or grab some cute utensil holders or trays, like this one which sells for $14.95 on Amazon at the time of writing. And if this option isn't for you, know that using IKEA spice racks to revolutionize your utensil storage solutions can be a great answer. Beyond being simple to install, they're an affordable option that will help you organize upwards, rather than on your counters.