A Professional Janitor Gives His Tips On The Must-Have Cleaning Tools Your Home Needs

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Truth be told, most of us don't enjoy cleaning our homes. It's not the most pleasant task. However, having the right tools for the job can make cleaning your house less of a chore. The tools you use to clean your home, the mops, vacuums, and sponges, are just as important as the cleaning agents and solutions. With so many cleaning tools on the market, it can be hard to know which ones are worth spending your money on.

A third-generation janitor and self-confessed clean freak, Brandon Pleshek uses Instagram to talk about cleaning tools that he recommends as a janitor. In one post, Pleshek said that the Hoover Emerge stick vacuum is one of his favorite cleaning tools. Stick vacuums are compact and lightweight, making it a breeze to carry them up and down the stairs. Many of these vacuums also look nice, and you can store them out in the open within easy reach for quick clean-ups.

Why the Hoover Emerge is a cleaning essential

Like all great viral cleaning tools, the Hoover Emerge works on all floor types. It is cheap, too, and you can purchase it at Target for less than $200. The stick vacuum can be used to clean hardwood floors, carpets, and rugs, while Pleshek also uses it to vacuum his vents. Moreover, the vacuum's crevice tool makes it ideal for cleaning fabric blinds. The LED headlights on the stick illuminate the cleaning path magnificently.

The Hoover Emerge is also fantastic for tidying your car, another reason for it to be considered an essential cleaning device. Its compact size makes it perfect for carrying into the garage, and you can also convert it to a handheld vacuum to use inside the car. The removable battery pack is a great feature, as well. This vacuum lasts 45 minutes on a single charge, but if you need more time, simply switch out the battery.

Other cleaning tools every home needs

Besides the Hoover Emerge, Pleshek demonstrates several other essential cleaning tools on his social media pages. One of those is a dryer sheet. These aren't just for laundry; Pleshek uses them to wipe down the baseboards in his home. Dryer sheets are perfect for this purpose because they repel dust and keep it from sticking to the baseboard. You can also use them on ceiling fans to keep dust off. 

As Pleshek shows in this Instagram post (as well as many of his other videos), rubber gloves are another must-have cleaning item, especially for those with sensitive skin. These classic yellow gloves can protect your hands from harsh cleaning chemicals. Choose gloves with long cuffs to keep water out; there's nothing grosser than putting on a pair of gloves to find they have cold water in them already. Gloves that feature a soft lining inside are much more comfortable and will make cleaning more pleasant.