13 Must-Have Cleaning Items For Every Kitchen

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You should be aiming to clean your kitchen daily, no matter how big or small it is. Everyone cleans their kitchen differently, but the items and products below will make cleaning it a whole lot easier overall. Areas of your kitchen that require regular cleaning include the countertops, floor, and the sink. However, both large appliances like your oven and smaller ones like your coffee machine also require cleaning. Water is sometimes fine to use when wiping down, but it won't do the trick as well as an established cleaner. 

It can feel overwhelming to try and narrow down what you truly need in your kitchen cleaning cupboard and which products would be a waste of money. The ones we have picked out below truly cover all bases, from countertops to flooring to your oven, sink, and stovetop. Once you have the right tools to clean with, you'll find that you will be able to clean your kitchen better in all areas.

An effective dish soap

The very first item you should tick off your kitchen cleaning supplies list is dish soap. Not just useful for what you would usually use it for (i.e., for washing dishes), dish soap is one of the most versatile cleaning products out there. A good option is Dawn Ultra Dish Soap Dishwashing Liquid. One of the most well known brands for a reason, Dawn dish soap can be used for a whole host of things, from its intended purpose to get your dishes sparkly clean to keeping your countertops and kitchen floor in tip-top condition.

Specifically, a diluted dish soap and warm water mixture can be used in place of multi-purpose products to wipe down natural stone countertops that find other cleaners too harsh. Dish soap is also a great floor cleaner. You can skip the pricier products and use a water/dish soap mix on tile, linoleum, and certain hardwood floors (unsealed hardwood floor needs to be handled differently than sealed).

A good multi-purpose cleaner

Some multi-purpose cleaners may be too harsh to use on natural stone countertops, but they're still an extremely useful tool to have in your kitchen arsenal. This do-it-all product can be used on some types of flooring as well as to get appliances sparkling clean. For this category, we recommend Bon Ami Powder Cleanser. The budget-friendly, chemical-free cleaning product is ideal for wiping down granite countertops and many, many more areas of your kitchen.

You can use this multi-purpose cleaner to wipe down your stovetop, too, even if it's made from chrome or stainless steel. However, you should also never use multi-purpose cleaner on wood, so steer clear if you have wooden countertops. If powders aren't your thing, you can buy spray cleaners that may be easier to use for you. Though multi-purpose cleaners are handy to have in your kitchen cupboard, heavily perfumed sprays can cause irritation to several areas of your body including the skin and throat.

Microfiber cloths for general cleaning

This next item isn't a cleaning product, but one that will make the actual cleaning process go a lot smoother. Microfiber cloths like this colorful pack of 12 from HOMEXCEL are an excellent addition to your kitchen cleaning supply list. Whichever spray or powder you opt for, this type of cloth won't just soak it up but will instead assist in cleaning to get the job done faster. Plus, you'll save money in the long run as, unlike paper towels, microfiber cloths are reusable. 

The best way to wash your microfiber cloths is to either hand wash or put them in the washing machine to freshen them up (though you should wash them only in water with no added ingredients for best results). You can use microfiber cloths on any area of your kitchen, from when you're cleaning your oven to when you're trying to get a stubborn stain off your coffee machine. As they're soft and non-abrasive, they're ideal if you're worried about scratching your countertops or your sink when cleaning. 

Magic erasers to get rid of stubborn stains

If there's one product that will clean up even the stubbornest of stains, it's the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Original Cleaning Pads. Suitable for getting everything from grease stains off your stovetop to removing baked-on marks from a glass dish, a magic eraser will solve most of your kitchen problems (aside from the actual cooking ones). Though it has been included on this list due to its efficiency in the kitchen, you can use this product pretty much anywhere in the home, so it's definitely worth having around.

While this product is great for a lot of kitchen areas, it isn't suitable for all. You should never use it on a natural stone countertop or other surface that's prone to scratches unless you have been told this is okay. These erasers are also not the most environmentally friendly of cleaning products due to not lasting very long, but they do get the job done. If you're worried about them being a waste of money, consider cutting each eraser in half so a pack holds out that little bit longer.

A crumb scraper to make cleaning up easier

Whether you like to bake bread or you're more likely to buy a fresh loaf of sourdough, the Stainless Steel Crumb Sweeper from HKDGHYON will let you clean up the inevitable crumbs with ease. A scraper may seem like a bit of a novelty item, but crumbs are one of the biggest offenders on a kitchen countertop, and can often make a kitchen appear dirtier than it is. Trying to round them up can be a nightmare and lead to more mess, which is why a crumb sweeper is so useful. 

As well as being very handy in the kitchen for the next time you're cutting a loaf of bread, this product is extremely useful for dinner parties. You can quickly and efficiently sweep up crumbs without interrupting the flow of having people round. If you constantly find yourself tutting at another round of crumbs on your countertop, investing in a crumb scraper really is a must.

Rubber gloves to protect your hands

You should always wear rubber gloves when cleaning. A good pair will keep your hands protected from chemicals and from getting overly dry. Plus, no one likes getting dirty dishwater all over their arms and clothes, and gloves will help to stop this from happening. There are heaps of products out there, but the Casabella Premium Waterblock Reusable Gloves have multiple things going for them. 

They reach high up your arm so you don't get splashback, feature an anti-slip grip so dishes won't slide out of your hands when you're washing them, and are thick enough that you won't get the horrid sensation of touching soggy food. Not only will gloves stop your hands from becoming irritated with various cleaning sprays and powders, but washing your hands regularly can also lead to irritation. By putting on a pair of gloves, you're essentially skipping this irritation while still being able to clean properly. 

Oven cleaner to keep your oven in good condition

Getting into more specific cleaners, an oven cleaner is absolutely something you should invest in, whether your oven has a self-cleaning feature or not. The Easy-Off Fume Free Oven Cleaner Spray is specifically recommended by cleaning experts because it gets the job done. You should aim to clean your oven around every three months or so, or more often if you notice there are burnt areas or any leftover food crumbs lingering on the bottom — you don't want to cook your food in an unsanitary appliance.

Food that has been stuck to your oven for a while may be difficult to get off, even with all the elbow grease in the world. Skip the hassle and use an oven cleaner that's designed to do the hard work for you. This particular cleaner is fume-free, but we still recommend opening windows and doors when cleaning your oven as a safety precaution, and don't forget to wear your gloves, too.

Stainless steel cleaner to keep surfaces shining

It's likely that many things in your kitchen will be made from stainless steel. From your sink to your fridge and even your coffee machine, the material is a popular choice when it comes to kitchen appliances and items. Whether you want to make your stainless steel appliances shine like new or simply to maintain your steel countertops, the Weiman Stainless Steel Cleaner and Polish will leave all things stainless steel looking utterly flawless without the unwanted addition of streaks.

This specific cleaner is recommended by chefs, who love it for its ability to rid stainless steel of pesky marks and smudges and leave it gleaming. While you can use a multi-purpose cleaner for some items, there's something comforting about knowing a specific stainless steel cleaner is designed to work with the exact material you're cleaning. Though this cleaner is designed to be used on stainless steel, we always recommend carrying out a spot test if you have any expensive steel cookware just in case.

A microfiber mop for keeping your floor in good condition

The likelihood that you already own a mop is high, but you might not know the difference a good mop like the O-Cedar EasyWring RinseClean Microfiber Spin Mop can make to your kitchen cleaning routine. You should mop your floor weekly to keep it in good condition, with the exception being if you notice a large spill. The triangular head of this mop allows you to get in tricky corners without needing to angle yourself in an awkward position as well as help you get up stubborn stains with ease.

It's also lightweight, meaning it will be much easier to use than dragging around a more cumbersome model. A microfiber mop is better than a cotton one in general due to microfiber's ability to split and get in tight spaces. Microfiber also requires less water to be effective, which is great for materials like hardwood that don't do well with too much water.

Baking soda for when you need a mild abrasive

If you prefer to keep things natural, baking soda is an absolute must-have for your kitchen. A savior when it comes to removing all types of stain, this item is usually used for baking purposes but is a cleaning (not so) hidden gem. Arm & Hammer Baking Soda is one of the most well-known baking soda brands, but any brand will have a similar cleaning effect.

In addition to removing stains, baking soda can get areas of your kitchen like your sink looking brand new once again, and, generally you only need water to make a paste with it. You can also use it as a deodorizer to banish any stinky odors from your fridge. There are heaps of unexpected ways to use baking soda both around the home and in your kitchen, and the fact it contains no added ingredients is the cherry on top if you're trying to steer clear of too many chemicals in your kitchen cleaning routine.

Vinegar for when you need a do-it-all natural alternative

Another excellent natural kitchen cleaning ingredient is vinegar. Not just for seasoning purposes, this versatile ingredient can be used pretty much everywhere. You can use any white vinegar; just ensure it's white vinegar instead of balsamic or red wine, as this will not have the same cleaning effect and probably won't make your kitchen smell very pleasant, either.

Vinegar has you covered for everything, from keeping your floors gleaming to banishing grease stains on your stovetop. It can additionally act as a disinfectant when combined with water, though we do recommend investing in a proper disinfectant if you want more stringent sanitization. Its acidic pH means it's excellent at tackling food stains, grease, and grime, but it also means you should avoid using it on natural stone countertops and hardwood floors. Proceed with caution by performing a spot test if you're ever unsure about using vinegar on a surface.

A scrub brush for stain removal

Sometimes a sponge just doesn't cut it when it comes to removing stuck-on stains from your dishes, and that's where a scrub brush comes in. The Full Circle Dish Brush is stylish, sturdy, and will stand up by itself near your sink so you don't have to constantly prop it up. This handy design feature means moisture won't accumulate at the bottom of the brush but rather drip down into your sink.

The best scrub brushes are the ones that will last for a long time without any signs of wear and that will get rid of marks that a regular sponge or cloth couldn't make a dent on. Unlike other items on this list, you don't need to be told how and where you can use a scrub brush. There are plenty of cheap models out there, but, in this case, investing in a slightly pricier brush could be worth its weight in gold if you prefer to wash the dishes or get any tough stains off before stacking them in the dishwasher.

Granite cleaner for natural stone countertops

Last but not least, granite cleaner. We've mentioned several items you can clean granite and natural stone with on this list, but sometimes it's best to reach for a specialist product for peace of mind. Speaking to CNN, Lowe's store manager and cleaning expert Gary McCoy shared, "We recommend Weiman Granite & Stone Liquid Cleaner, a multi-surface spray that can be safely used daily to clean sealed granite and sealed marble surfaces, including countertops, floors, shower stalls, tubs and more."

Not just for countertops, stone cleaning products can be used on many parts of your kitchen in addition to those mentioned above. It's especially important to use a product you're absolutely certain is safe for natural stone if you have sealed countertops. The seal protects the stone against general damage like scratches and stains. A broken seal means your marble, quartz, or granite countertops are no longer protected and could be susceptible to damage. DIY remedies are great sometimes, but in this case, we recommend a granite cleaner to keep your natural stone countertops looking their best.