Hilary Farr's Space-Saving Solution Is A Game Changer For Any Multi-Purpose Room

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Functionality is non-negotiable in modern design. Between the rising costs of homes and the accumulation of clutter over the years, it's important to find items that make your living space more aesthetically pleasing and help make your day a little easier. HGTV star Hilary Farr often advises people on how to maximize space in their homes, and one of her tough-love solutions is to use a folding table in a multi-purpose room.

When a home becomes cluttered or isn't functional, it's more than just frustrating — it affects your state of mind. That's why Farr's show, "Tough Love With Hilary Farr," helps couples whose living space is sowing discord in their relationship. In Season 2, Episode 7 of "Tough Love With Hilary Farr," Farr tells a couple with too much stuff, "This is all about storage." The folding table, which she places in the home's office, also features drawers, giving the couple somewhere to put their belongings that, as Farr explains, "isn't out all over the place."

A folding table serves a dual purpose

One of Farr's solutions for a cluttered multi-purpose room is a white folding table with side drawers. When the table flaps are down, it takes up very little space. It also houses grouped belongings without showing all the mess. Then, when needed, the items are readily available and sorted. In addition, the flaps can be pulled out and in an instant, there is a table. When folded, it can serve as a side table and even fit in a corner.

Storage folding tables are often kept in kitchens and dining rooms for when guests come over and you need additional dining space. However, they can just as easily be kept in living and family rooms and work in a basement or a makeshift office. These convenient tables are one way to transform a single space into a multi-functional room. They can house games and hobbies, such as a deck of cards, various puzzles, yarn for crocheting and knitting, crayons and paper for drawing, or anything your family uses regularly but you don't want hanging out all the time. Since a family's interests are varied, so are the uses for a folding storage table.

Places where a folding table can work

The best part about a folding table is that it can be tucked away in any room serving a multi-purpose function and will fit right in, no matter what you use it for. Today's folding tables are leaps and bounds above the metal folding tables of years ago. They are available in almost every size and shape, though some are customizable. Most come in wooden or plastic varieties. Consider what style and color would look best in your room and how you want to use it. For storage tables, many designs have wheels for even easier accessibility.

A farmhouse-style storage table by The Ideal House goes for about $140 on Amazon and expands to a table for four. With pear wood color and white, the laid-back style is perfect for a kitchen but can also easily sub for a crafting table since it has two-tier storage for small items. Alternatively, the Funrolux folding storage table in white marble has a modern design. At a little under $400 on Amazon, it can also accommodate four chairs and store them when not being used. As with most storage tables, both can utilize just one flap if you need less space, such as for a makeshift desk, or become a stylish side table when not being used.