Our Real Estate Expert Recommends These Bathroom Upgrades If You're Worried About Resale Value

If your bathroom hasn't been renovated since pink bathtubs and patterned shower tiles with bold maroons and blues were a thing, it's easy to find yourself mesmerized by all the options. However, you don't want to make the mistakes everyone makes when renovating a bathroom, like not considering resale value. Eric Bramlett, a real estate agent at Bramlett Residential, provided an exclusive interview to House Digest, sharing bathroom upgrade secrets that positively impact resale value. "If budget allows, the best return on your spend would be to add a new bathroom if your home has the space," Bramlett states, adding, "This is attractive to buyers who would benefit from another bathroom in a busy family home, for example." Still, there are limits to this type of investment. "I wouldn't recommend spending on an external extension to your home to do this, but instead, fit a new bathroom using new internal walls."

Not everyone has a budget flush enough to add on a brand new bathroom, though, especially when considering the need to install plumbing and electrical. Bramlett has other recommendations to help. "Alternatively, if your home has bathrooms with multiple bathtubs, I'd recommend swapping one of those tubs for a walk-in shower. This will appeal to buyers, but always ensure one bathtub remains, as most of us like having the option," Bramlett says. However, many factors play a role in upgrading a bathroom, so there's much more to think about before moving forward.

How to know where to spend money on your bathroom remodel

Before you start your project, create a budget or set a limit on how much you want to spend. For those with limited funds, there are numerous ways to cut the cost of a bathroom remodel. Eric Bramlett shared tips for impressive results on a budget in an exclusive interview with House Digest. "For lower budget modifications, focus on the parts of the bathroom that immediately draw the eye, such as the vanity unit," Bramlett explains. "If yours looks tired, has chips or water damage, swapping this out is one of the best ways to improve the appearance of the bathroom." Be smart about vanity upgrades, too. "Choose one exactly the same size as the existing unit to ensure you keep the old plumbing in place. This will help keep costs down, and you don't have to replace the flooring, too," Bramlett advises.

When budget is less of a concern, you may want to zero in on resale value. "Without a doubt, creating more workable spaces, such as an extra bathroom, will add to your resale value. But don't underestimate the power of those small tweaks to your existing spaces," says Bramlett. He also notes, "Changing lighting, taps, or shower screens can make a huge impact on buyers. Remember, people often go with their gut feel of a home, and if your bathroom is fresh, modern, and inviting, that can only benefit you when it comes to selling."

Think about what's important to the future buyer

You should ask questions before starting a bathroom renovation based on your personal needs if you're planning to stick around. However, it pays to think about the next person to buy your home if you're planning to move soon. Speaking exclusively with House Digest, real estate agent Eric Bramlett details a few more specific factors to keep in mind: "The most important aspect when considering bathroom renovations prior to selling is to work with your home and its style," he shares. "Consider who your average buyer will be. If it's a family home, would they benefit from an extra bathroom to match the number of bedrooms you have?" That doesn't mean you should always just leave it as it is, though. "If your existing bathroom hasn't been decorated for many years, then it's worth spending a few hundred dollars on some easy upgrades to furniture or hardware to give it a more modern feel," Bramlett explains.

What's most important is the way a person feels when stepping into your home, and you can often control that without as much work. Bramlett states, "Staging your home before selling is really important, and when it comes to the bathroom, you really want to make your buyers feel like it's a relaxing, luxurious space, much like a spa. Add real plants, soft fabrics, and declutter your belongings so buyers can picture themselves living peacefully in your home."