Add Organization To Your Closet Drawers With This PVC Pipe Storage DIY

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Over time, closet or dresser drawers can become messy and unorganized, making it difficult to find what you need quickly. Surprisingly, a PVC pipe may be all you need to free up storage space in your closet drawers. By cutting the plastic tubing into smaller sections, you can use them as drawer dividers to hold small items. This works great for organizing your socks or underwear drawer but could also be effective for smaller clothing items like crop tops, kids' clothing, or even jewelry.

While traditional drawer dividers aren't overly expensive, like the $23 adjustable drawer dividers on Amazon, this hack would allow you to repurpose extra PVC pipes from other household projects. Additionally, you can cut, paint, and arrange the pipes however you'd like or choose various PVC pipe sizes, making this storage option completely customizable. To make your closet drawer organizers, you'll need a saw, sandpaper, and a PVC pipe. You should also grab PVC glue or super glue if you want the dividers to be attached. For really small items, consider using PVC plugs rather than the pipes.

Preparing your PVC pipe drawer organizer

To start, you'll want to decide what you'll store in your PVC organizer to determine the best pipe size to buy. While pipes with a 3-inch diameter should work well for socks and underwear, you might want something larger or smaller, depending on your needs. If you plan to make dividers for several drawers or a bigger one, you will likely need several feet of PVC piping.

When you have your supplies, cut the pipe into cylindrical sections that are shorter in length than the height of your drawer. This will allow them to sit upright in the drawer and hold your clothing or other items. After you've sawed your pipe into smaller sections, make sure to sand the cut edges of the plastic. Otherwise, they will likely be sharp and could scratch you or the interior of your drawer. Spray paint your dividers however you'd like. They could all be the same color or different ones. If you want them to blend in, consider painting them to match your closet drawers.

Putting together your DIY closet drawer organizer

Once you've cut and painted your PVC pipes, place them in your drawer and move them around to achieve your preferred layout. If you want your drawer dividers to be permanently adjustable, this is all you'll need to do. Stack your rolled underwear, socks, scarves, or other clothing into the pipes, and you're finished. However, if you'd like the divider to be connected, the pieces will need to be glued together. Use PVC glue or super glue if you have some leftovers from another DIY project to affix your pipes to each other. Now, you can pull the whole set of dividers out of the drawer at once. This is a simple and easy way to organize your dresser and closet drawers.

If you want to organize tiny items, like extra buttons for shirts and pants, bracelets, or other small accessories, PVC plugs may be the best choice. To start, cut the excess plastic off the edges of your plugs and sand and paint them. These can then be filled with your belongings and stacked in the corner of a drawer. If you'd like, screw a PVC support onto the side of each plug and glue a thin pipe into your drawer. Now, the plugs can attach to the pipe so they don't fall over and can swivel around to be easily accessed.