TikTok's Stylish Idea Will Hide Your Toilet Paper And Keep It Easily Accessible

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Most people use their bathrooms every day, and guests will typically have to use them at least once per visit, so it makes sense to want that space to appear at least somewhat stylish. While toilet paper is crucial in any restroom, it doesn't exactly look appealing. However, there are many genius DIY solutions to store toilet paper in plain sight, such as keeping it in a chic hanging basket as home decor TikToker @figandrosewood demonstrated.

The content creator simply attached a mini rod to the bathroom wall, hung a boho-chic basket from it, and then put some toilet paper rolls inside. Taking the aesthetic even further, the TikToker added some more mini rods to the wall and hung a towel and more decor with a little boho flair to complete the look. So, are you ready to take inspiration from TikTok and make your toilet paper rolls look less unappealing by putting them in a cute basket?

Check out these stylish hanging baskets

An attractive hanging basket can be the perfect toilet paper storage method, and there are many options to make it your own. Anyone who tends to buy toilet paper in bulk and has a larger bathroom or more wall space might want to purchase a set of two hanging baskets, such as the Birch Lane Ralphie Seagrass Wall Organizer with Wall Baskets, available for around $50 at Wayfair. These seagrass hanging baskets were made in China and reviewers admire their high quality. Even if you don't have a large bathroom with significant wall space and only plan to hang one basket for your toilet paper, it can't hurt to have an extra basket ready to use.

On the other hand, anyone looking for an ultra-affordable option should check out the Ashland 12-inch Natural Hanging Wicker Basket, which retails for less than $15 at Michael's, where reviewers appreciate its versatility. On the other hand, if you want a super luxurious item, the Beachcrest Home Everard Rattan Wall Organizer with Wall Baskets is available for under $85 at Wayfair. This hand-woven piece has tons of glowing reviews, with one customer even writing, "Beautifully made and a sturdy little basket. Color was better than I thought...lovely in the bath."

The baskets don't have to hang on the wall

If you like the idea of using a basket to store and display unsightly rolls of toilet paper but don't want to mount and hang anything on the wall — or you can't because you're renting and aren't allowed — there's nothing wrong with using a stylish basket to store your toilet paper and just keeping it on the floor. There are many chic baskets that you can use to store toilet paper this way, such as the affordable Ashland Medium Natural Rectangle Basket, which is available for purchase for around $10 at Michael's. Reviewers enjoy both the practicality and the look of this particular piece, so it might be ideal on the floor.

If you want something large and luxurious to store all your toilet paper in style, explore the Birch Lane Thelma Rattan Basket, which you can pick up for around $340 at Wayfair. The handwoven, rectangular item has many positive reviews, as users love the style and high quality. A significantly more affordable but just as chic choice is the Brightroom 13-inch Decorative Coiled Rope Basket, available for $15 at Target. The oval-shaped basket is made of cotton and polyester and has thousands of positive ratings. So, which basket do you plan to use for embellishing your bathroom while keeping your toilet paper rolls in one place?