The Stunning Way To Store And Display Unsightly Rolls Of Toilet Paper

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Storage space is forever at a premium in bathrooms, as these rooms often require a lot of stuff to be crammed into what is typically one of the smallest spaces in any home. These essentials include not only toiletries, cosmetics, and linens, but also one of the most necessary, but perhaps least exciting, supplies — toilet paper. While you definitely want to have extra rolls at the ready (particularly for guests), keeping a stash in the corner doesn't go a long way toward making a bathroom look clean and polished. On the other hand, storing it away too well might make it less accessible. TikTok user @meredithhudkins has a rather clever solution that involves hiding toilet paper in plain sight. By simply wrapping your unused rolls in stylish tissue paper and placing them in a prominent location, you can keep your bathroom both well-stocked and aesthetically-pleasing.

This approach is not only easy to do but uses tissue paper you may already have lingering in your gift-wrapping supplies. Using a square of paper, wrap the perimeter of the roll and tuck the extra inside on both ends. Or, you can roll the tissue paper over the roll and leave one end loose as a bit of extra flourish. This is a perfect way to make toilet paper prettier for a low price. Once the rolls are wrapped in your favorite paper, you can leave them out or tuck them in a stylish container that matches your décor. 

Why wrap your extra rolls?

Wrapping your extra rolls not only grants a lot of style to a rather boring and utilitarian element in your bathroom, but it also keeps the paper from accruing dirt, bacteria, or moisture while being stored out in the open. Keeping them within reach of the toilet either in a vessel or just stacked nearby can make it a far less awkward experience for guests looking for extras when the roll is depleted. Displaying extra rolls can also help you gauge on sight when you need to replenish your supply before it's gone.

Decorative tissue rolls are also a great way to bring a spa-like or luxury hotel feel to your bathroom. The tissue designs add another layer of pattern, color, and texture to the small room. Further, tissue paper is available in all variety of patterns, including stripes, polka dots, and florals, any of which could be perfect for adding to your décor. While you can use this hack as an opportunity to use leftover or recycled tissue paper, you can also purchase new paper in a single design that compliments your bathroom's style or mix-and-match designs. 

Where to put your paper-wrapped rolls

While @meredithhudkins stores her wrapped rolls in a rectangular vintage hobnail planter, you can use your choice of vessel as an attractive home for your extra rolls. Consider pretty and easily-reachable containers like baskets, boxes, and decorative trays. Place them on the back of the toilet tank, on the vanity, or on a nearby bathroom shelf to maximize your space in a small bathroom. You can also use larger baskets on the floor or purchase a standing rack that holds rolls vertically, which will only look prettier with all the rolls carefully wrapped. Or, you could repurpose a Dollar Tree paper towel holder into budget-friendly, genius toilet paper storage.

For lovely storage in small places, use a wall-mounted rack that displays the wrapped rolls, like one in a clever Tic Tac Toe design that's available on Amazon for $36. For higher-capacity storage, employ a floating shelf or storage organization caddy that accommodates a larger supply of wrapped rolls in addition to other bathroom essentials. Finally, if you don't want to spend any extra money and don't already have any extra trays, baskets, or shelves, you could simply stack a few rolls on the back of the toilet and keep extras under the sink.