The Downsides To Installing Recycled Glass Countertops In Your Home

Recycled glass is an environmentally friendly option for those looking to revamp their kitchen countertops. The material is made by combining a cement or petroleum binder with glass pieces that would have otherwise gone to waste. Most glass countertops consist of 70% to 80% recycled materials, according to Rise. Along with the environmental advantages, glass countertops are also an excellent choice for those looking for something visually unique because they can be stained in various colors. These countertops also come in multiple patterns. Despite the many benefits, there are quite a few downsides to installing glass countertops.

The main concerns associated with this material have to do with cost and durability. Unfortunately, recycled glass is one of the pricer kitchen countertop materials. Glass is known to be fragile, so glass countertops are more prone to damage than some other options. If you are considering making the switch, consider these downsides. That way, you will be better prepared to combat the challenges associated with glass countertops.

Recycled glass is more prone to damage

Recycled glass countertop owners must exercise caution when placing dishes on top of the material, especially dishes that are still hot. This is because the glass surface can be chipped by the heavy items typically stored or placed on a counter, such as heavy bakeware. High heat can also cause the material to crack. If you are accustomed to placing hot pots or pans on your countertops, consider breaking that habit before purchasing glass countertops. However, keep in mind that you can also purchase heat-friendly trivets to place under hot pots and pans to avoid this problem.

When recycled glass countertops become damaged, they are not easy to repair. There are even circumstances where the material simply cannot be fixed. In these cases, a total replacement is required. Recycled glass countertop installation is expensive and can be quite challenging. Depending on your budget, a complete replacement might not be feasible. If you plan to move forward with a glass countertop installation project in your home, you might want to consider budgeting for costly repairs or replacements.

Recycled glass countertop installation is pricey

Although recycled glass is visually appealing, it is also one of the more expensive types of countertop materials. A full installation costs about $1,950 to $8,400, according to Angi. That is around $65 to $140 per square foot. Laminate, one of the more affordable countertop options, is about $19 to $45 per square foot in comparison, per Home Depot. The home improvement store also estimates that quartz, one of the more expensive choices, is about $59 to $130 per square foot.

The exact cost of recycled glass countertop installation varies by type. Glass slab, for example, is among the most pricey options and costs about $75 per square foot. Meanwhile, glass tile is only about $3 per square foot. As you can see, pricing can be drastically different for each type of recycled glass material. The generally high cost of installing these countertops might be a barrier to incorporating them in your home, especially considering that many more affordable options are available. However, deciding whether a recycled glass countertop upgrade is worth the extra cost is up to you.