This Dollar Tree Find Is The Perfect Solution For Vinyl Record Storage & Display

Owning an extensive vinyl collection is no mean feat. However, with stacks of them piling high in your home, perhaps you feel as if you're not doing them justice. If you want to upgrade their living space, you can easily do so by utilizing some Dollar Tree mini self-adhesive hooks. Simply adhere them to your wall, slot your vinyls into place, and watch how your vinyl albums transform into art. It's as simple as that. Not only does this solution look great, but it will also help you to organize your vinyl collection, making things go from cluttered to sparkling clean in a snap. The hooks are relatively cheap, making it ideal if you don't want to splash your hard-earned cash on pricier solutions for record storage.

So, whether you have a large collection or want to display a handful of your favorites, this is the perfect solution. All you'll need are some self-adhesive hooks from Dollar Tree for $1.25 each, some blue painter's tape, and the vinyl in question. Now, gather all your items and get ready to prep your display.

Prep your wall for your record collection

To recreate this stunning living room decor idea (although you can use it in any room), plan where you want your display to go and how many hooks you need. To achieve the desired effect, you'll want three per vinyl). Once you have a rough idea, apply some painter's tape in a straight line where you want your hooks to sit, which will help everything to align better. Now, you can adhere them to your wall using the adhesive backing, using two supporting hooks at the bottom and one above to hold your vinyl in place, similar to a triangle shape. If you're unsure how far apart to put these, it's best to note it down using a tape measure and test it yourself using your record.

Repeat this process using three hooks per album along your wall until you have enough support for everything you want to display. When they are all secure, carefully remove the tape and slide each record into place, ensuring you don't pull the supports off. Now, stand back and admire your new display, which sports a modern yet minimalistic look. If you find any of them that look wonky, readjust the supports until you're happy with the result.

Keep an eye out for hook adhesion

One potential issue you should look out for is the adhesion of your hooks, as the reviews from the Dollar Tree store are mixed. While some customers are pleased with their adhesive abilities, others have found that they didn't work, so this will all be down to an individual's experience. You may find that they are effective for you, but it's something to keep an eye on. If you find that they're not doing a good job, you could consider other options with better reviews, such as wooden hooks you nail into the wall or higher-quality, damage-free hanging wall hooks, which have a good reputation for their adhesive capabilities. With the wooden hooks, you'd have to turn the top upside down to achieve the same support effect as with the original Dollar Tree ones.

The reason this hack works so well is because the hooks prop your vinyl records in place on your wall wherever you want so that you can customize the look. Even better, self-adhesive hooks are much better for your wall compared to screws or glue, as they won't leave any undesirable holes or marks when you finish or when you sell your home. However, one caveat to remember is that if you have a large vinyl collection, you'll have to be selective about which you display, as you may not be able to put that many on your wall.