TikTok Shows Us Stunning Ways To Style IKEA Bookshelves

Buying IKEA furniture is practical when trying to find minimalist pieces at an affordable price. While assembling the furniture can be frustrating and time-consuming, once it's built, you'll probably be excited to decorate your new piece. IKEA's bookshelves are some of the most popular products consumers enjoy decorating their homes with. The BILLY and LACK collections are a couple that you hear of most often, as they're some of the best-selling bookcases at IKEA. Both of these shelving units can come with their own challenges when decorating, but a few TikTok users have come up with brilliant ways to adorn these shelves with books and vases.

Whether you're a book lover or collect various trinkets from antique stores, these shelves can be filled with items you already have at home. You definitely don't have to go out and buy new decor. However, if you're planning to occupy a barren corner and don't have enough items, this is the perfect time to stop by your favorite home goods stores. When adorning your bookshelf, the key component is choosing a theme that complements your home's interior style — for instance, choose items in the same color family or create a combination of complementary items. Nonetheless, TikTok has a couple of easy ways to get you inspired.

Embrace your love of books

More and more folks are picking up books and diving into the reading world. If you have a never-ending "To Be Read" list and need to find a place for the piles of books sprawled out on your desk, display them on your bookshelf. TikTok user @cass_hairstylist decorated her LACK bookshelf with books, plants, candles, and vases. The element that stands out the most is how the books are set up on each shelf. They're all different; some are stacked vertically, while others are standing horizontally next to each other with candles nearby.

Because the LACK shelves have a smaller surface area and no sides, you'll have to get as creative as possible when displaying your books. Pair them with smaller decor items like candles, polaroid photos, or tiny plants. Avoid setting up all the books in the same direction unless you're color-coordinating. You can fill the shelves to the brim with books to display each spine's color. Or, if you enjoy reading series, assign each shelf its own series and add small tokens of things that remind you of the books. On the other hand, adding large potted plants to your shelves is an easy way to fill space. Vining plants will give your home a fresh look, especially when placed on top of your bookcase.

Keep it simple with individual items

If you don't own many books, try filling your shelves with larger, more interesting pieces that complement your home's aesthetic. TikTok user @homewithmila plays with textures, shapes, and colors when decorating her skinny BILLY bookshelf. She starts with larger items at the top, such as vases and wooden bowls, and then uses smaller items towards the bottom, like candles and candlestick holders. She keeps the color palette minimal and neutral, using mostly white and brown tones. The bookshelf's overall look is incredibly minimalist, but it pairs perfectly with the rest of her boho-chic home, which features lots of rattan texture and white and brown colors.

Even if your home has a different color palette, you can still apply the TikToker's design scheme. For instance, if you have a mid-century modern home interior that showcases shades like brown, red, and yellow,  you can find vases and candle holders in those colors. Mix textures and materials within the same color palette to create a unique style. For instance, you can pair glass elements with a ceramic vase or woven basket for contrast. Don't be afraid to add color to your bookshelf to make it stand out in your home. Further, the decor can always be swapped out if you ever want to refresh your bookshelf. You can also multiple decor pieces and then return the ones you don't use to ensure you end up with something you love.