When Should You Start Spring Cleaning? We Asked Our Cleaning Expert For The Best Date

Spring cleaning is the perfect opportunity to reset your home before the summer months. After spending winter inside, many people feel a need to refresh their living spaces. Although there is no specific method you are required to follow to reset your home, spring cleaning tips can help make the process easier. You might be interested in guidance on exactly when to start spring cleaning. If so, Kathy Cohoon, operations manager at cleaning company Two Maids, shared her advice on the perfect time to get it done.

"Spring cleaning is often associated with the arrival of warmer weather, making March or April an ideal time to start," she said while speaking exclusively to House Digest. "During winter, your home may build up dust, dirt, and stale air since it's usually closed up due to the cold weather. As the weather warms, you will probably be in a better mood and motivated to tackle tasks that you have put off."

Why March or April are the best months to start

There are a few factors that make March and April the perfect time to spring clean your home. According to Cohoon, you should open your windows to let air flow while you spring clean, which means it's much more practical to do this during the warmer months of March or April. You also have more daylight hours during this time compared to previous months. This may make it easier to fit long cleaning sessions into your daily schedule.

Before starting your spring-cleaning routine, take a moment to make sure you've given yourself enough time. "When choosing the right date to start cleaning between March and April, it is important to consider your personal schedule and commitments," shared Cohoon. "Select a date when you can dedicate ample time to cleaning without feeling rushed as you may not end up finishing tasks. It's also wise to check the weather forecast, especially if outdoor tasks like window washing or car cleaning are on your list."

Things to keep in mind before scheduling spring cleaning

You might feel ready to note your spring-cleaning dates on your calendar, but there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure it goes according to plan. "We recommend starting during the first weekend of March since you will most likely have the most free time during the weekend," said Cohoon. "Choosing a date at the beginning of spring will give you plenty of time to finish before summer kicks in where you'll much rather be outside enjoying the sunshine."

After you have selected the exact date you will begin your spring cleaning, plan out the process as much as possible to boost efficiency. Cohoon suggests making a checklist organized according to priority. For example, if your kitchen is particularly messy, consider adding it as the first item on your list. It is also helpful to break things down into smaller tasks. This may help you stay organized. As Cohoon noted, "Remember, the goal is not just a clean home, but also a sense of accomplishment and readiness for the new season."