Jasmine Roth's Stunning Countertop Choice Will Set Your Home Apart From The Rest

When it comes to kitchen counters, something that is both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional is best. Jasmine Roth might have found the material that accomplishes both of those feats. On an episode of HGTV's "Help! I Wrecked My House," Roth's clients wanted a unique kitchen and got exactly that. The kitchen is a midcentury boho design, featuring dark wood cabinets that are both timeless and sleek. But it's the distinctive countertops that are one of the highlights of the room. Roth used Taj Mahal quartzite on the island and on the rest of the countertop space, creating a bright detail that breaks up the natural wood cabinets.

Taj Mahal quartzite is an uncommon material for kitchen counters, as many people turn to quartz, granite, or marble. The rarity and uniqueness of the stone, however, is exactly what sets this quartzite variety apart. Not to be confused with quartz, which is man-made, Taj Mahal quartzite originates from Brazil and features mostly shades of cream, tan, and beige in swirling vein patterns. The warmer color palette is in line with overall home trends moving towards more warm neutrals, such as beige and brown, throughout the home. However, because it is a neutral shade, this is a countertop color that can also be timeless for years to come. Along with the function and durability of quartzite as a stone, it's not hard to see why Jasmine Roth would feature this countertop in one of her designs.

What's great about quartzite?

If you're choosing a countertop material, most people would consider granite, quartz, or marble. Quartzite isn't as popular of a choice. Jasmine Roth may be ahead of the trend since she chose Taj Mahal quartzite for her clients' kitchen, as the stone is gaining some new fans. The heat and pressure process in which quartzite forms makes it a dense stone, ultimately creating a durable countertop for a kitchen or bathroom. The durability leads quartzite to be chip- and scratch-resistant as well as resistant to heat, so it's a good option for a kitchen that gets a lot of use. You won't have to worry about knicking the counters with a knife, scratching them when moving something, or burning them with a hot pan.

It's also one of the more low-maintenance stones for a countertop. Though it is porous, if you properly seal it at least once a year, it should be pretty resistant to staining and discoloration. Still, you'll want to wipe up spills and messes to prevent any liquid or oil from seeping into the stone and ruining the appearance. Like other natural stones, it's best to clean it with mild soap and water and avoid harsh chemicals that could discolor or erode the sealant. Quartzite, however, is on more of the expensive side for stone countertops, being about $80 to $220 per square foot. So, a drawback of quartzite is that it might not be best for budget renovations.

Designing a kitchen with quartzite countertops

Jasmine Roth is no stranger to creating stunning designs for her clients, but a kitchen on "Help! I Wrecked My House" really stuck with fans. "The kitchen that broke the internet!" Roth captioned a photo on Instagram featuring the midcentury boho design. The Taj Mahal quartzite countertops are a stunning detail that beautifully pairs with the nature-inspired design. Roth used stain-grade cabinets, which resulted in a very visible wood grain texture. Furthering the natural look are woven pendant lights over the island, wood counter stools, and a subway tile backsplash that features a variety of green shades and square warm white tiles on the top half of the kitchen. The Taj Mahal marble's subtle brown and reddish-brown veining complements warm tones around the kitchen and dining room.

More homeowners are moving away from stark, all-white kitchens but still prefer neutrals for their major fixtures. Taj Mahal quartzite perfectly satisfies the current love of soft, warm neutrals. The cream background and red and brown accents in Taj Mahal quartzite lean towards the warm side. Natural wood cabinets that have warm undertones will highlight the colors on the countertop. Earthy shades of green, red, orange, and yellow would also pair well with Taj Mahal quartzite as painted cabinets or a backsplash. Adding gold hardware and fixtures will add a contemporary detail that will also complement the counters.