What To Know Before Buying A Zero-Turn Lawn Mower

Are you considering buying a new lawnmower? If you've been shopping for lawnmowers, you have many options available from lawn tractors to stand-behind mowers. A lawn mower can be quite the investment so you'll want to carefully consider which one you buy. No doubt you've come across zero-turn lawnmowers in your search. What makes these mowers different from regular riding lawnmowers? One factor is cost. Zero-turn lawn mowers cost more.

Are zero-turn mowers worth the extra money? Yes, if you have a large yard, they are definitely worth the extra money. These kinds of mowers make fast, sharp turns. They have the ability to turn on a zero-degree radius. This maneuverability is great for tight corners. Combined with their higher speeds, this makes it much easier and quicker to mow large lawns with lots of landscaping. Here's what you need to know to decide if zero-turn mowers are for you.

What to know about zero-turn mowers

First, to decide if a zero-turn mower is for you, you'll want to consider your lawn. Because of their ability to turn on a dime, these mowers are ideal for larger properties that have a lot of shrubs, trees, and other obstacles. Most zero-turn mowers can handle up to five acres with ease. If you have hills or rougher terrain, look for zero-turn mowers that have advanced suspension systems.

It might take you some time to get used to operating a zero-turn mower if you are used to a regular riding mower. That's because zero-turn mowers use dual-operation levers to steer. These levers are the key to making zero-degree turns and actually make it easier to turn around flower beds and trees. Until you get used to operating a zero-turn mower, it's probably best to start slow and avoid sudden turns or changes in direction.

Other considerations

Comfort is very important when it comes to any riding lawn mower, and that includes zero-turn mowers. If you have a larger lawn, you'll probably spend a lot of time mowing your lawn. You want to choose a model that has plenty of legroom and is not cramped. Also, look for something that is easy to exit from. Cupholders and extra storage compartments are nice, as well. That way, you can easily store your phone or other essentials while you mow.

Safety is another feature that you don't want to ignore. The last thing that you want is for you or someone else to be seriously injured on your mower. Look for a model that has a roll-over protective structure, as well as retractable seatbelts. LED headlights are a valuable feature as well, especially if you tend to mow in the early mornings or in the evening.