Grab Some 1x2s And Use TikTok's Easy DIY To Create A Stunning Accent Wall

Walls have a significant effect on a home's overall mood and ambiance. This is why many people love to play with wallpapers and paint colors, and why they carefully consider what wall decors and hangings to add to their walls. Adding an accent wall is another great way to incorporate complexity and texture to an otherwise simple room. While accent walls easily make rooms look and feel luxurious and sophisticated, they're relatively inexpensive. One DIYer, cedar_hill_builder, shared a very cheap and easy way to create the accent wall of your dreams with just several 1x2s on TikTok! She shared several creations, including her favorite diamond accent wall.

Diamond accent walls lend a classic and enduring charm to homes. The beauty of the diamond design lies in its efficiency — it requires a lot fewer boards compared to the traditional straight slat approach. Also, this style offers immense flexibility in pattern creation. You can opt for large diamond shapes that span the entire wall, smaller ones, or a blend of diamonds with the conventional box and straight-line patterns typically seen in accent walls. This versatility allows for a unique and customized look in any space.

Preparations before making your diamond accent wall

Sketch your desired pattern on paper before transferring it to the wall by tracing it with a pencil or using painter's tape. Consider using a laser level to help you project lines onto your wall. Next, measure the entire wall and calculate the quantity of 1x2 boards needed. Consider the windows, outlets, and light switches on the wall. You can buy longer 1x2 boards and cut them down or purchase multiple smaller pieces based on your specific measurements. If you have scrap plywood at home, you can even create your own 1x2s. Depending on what you buy, you may need to sand your 1x2s; this isn't necessary if you purchased pre-primed ones. Once you have them ready, pre-cut the boards to their precise dimensions before attaching them to the wall.

If you plan to use a nail gun to secure them to the wall, it would be helpful to find your wall studs ahead of time and plan your pattern with stud placement in mind. At the same time, consider the accent wall color you're going for. If you envision the accent feature having a distinct color from the wall, it's advisable to paint the boards separately before installation. But if you prefer a uniform color, skip pre-painting the boards and paint the entire wall and the installed boards together once they're in place.

How to make a diamond accent wall with some 1x2s

Begin your accent wall project by setting up the frame, which forms the basic structure for the additional boards. While you can use construction adhesives, aka liquid nails, for initial placement, be aware that this can damage your drywall if you decide to remove the additions in the future. However, applying adhesive can be beneficial, as it provides temporary stability and allows for adjustments before permanently securing the boards with a nail gun, similar to what memyprojects&I did with her wall. As for nailing, TikTok user cedar_hill_builder suggests nailing the boards into a stud or at least angling your brad nails so they have a better grip on the drywall.

To achieve a flawless finish, use joint compound or wood filler to smooth out the joints and gaps and to conceal nail holes. Then, run them through a sander to keep the surface smooth. Follow this with caulking the seams between the board and the wall to create a seamless transition. The final step is painting, which brings together the entire design and gives your accent wall a polished look.