The Clever Way You Can Repurpose A Folding Chair If You're Low On Closet Space

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Ask anyone around and they will tell you straight up that closets are some of the messiest places in the house. Whether buying heaps of clothes and tossing them in, or rummaging through for the perfect outfit for brunch with the gang, closets really see a lot of action. If you are running low on closet space and need a helping hand, you can call on some old furniture to save the day. A regular folding chair can double as a storage shelf if you have the right tools and an open mind. Folding chairs have a lot of parts that make them versatile: You can hang them up on the wall unfurled and place objects on the seats like a shelf. You can even use the bottom rungs as hanger dowels to hang clothes on.

Repurposing your folding chairs into storage shelves to organize your closet makes sense when you have more wall area and less floor space. This clever hack is also perfect for you if you're into kooky designs and eccentric décor but are on a budget. There's no point in letting the folding chairs waste away in your garage when you can put them to good use. Setting the chairs up is a piece of cake — you just need to mount the chairs to the wall using a couple of sturdy hooks from Amazon and you are good to go.

Get hooks with the right shape and size

The type of wall hooks you will use to hang up your folding chairs depends on the structure of your folding chair. If your folding chair has a slit or opening at the top of the backrest, then you can easily poke one or two of Amazon's J-hooks right through it. If the opening is big enough for a two-pronged hook, then that will give extra stability to your DIY storage shelf. You may need a smaller coat rack wall hook if you have no slit on the backrest and the only supporting structure is the handle at the back of the chair.

To install your hanging chair storage shelf in your closet, drill the hooks into the wall until tightly secure and simply hang the chairs on them. You can place shoe boxes or bags on the seats, while hanging clothes on the rung. This way, you can introduce a unique style to your space while keeping your small closet organized, without needing to splurge on installing real shelves.

Buy kiddie chairs that offer more flexibility for your closet decor

Small closets tend to get cluttered easily, so this folding chair hack is a budget-friendly way to organize your closet that doesn't involve buying new materials to make the storage shelves. However, if you don't have folding chairs at home but would love to implement this DIY project as a creative way to upgrade your closet décor, then you can purchase some folding chairs that match the aesthetic you feel inspired by.

You may not have kids, but that shouldn't stop you from snagging this set of two adjustable kids' chairs from Amazon. These miniature chairs would make the perfect addition to your closet storage system because of how portable they are. You can install them the same way as the normal-sized chairs, but the difference is that these chairs are cuter and more chic than some old chairs you found in your basement or garage.