Turn Your Mason Jar Into A Handy Dish Scrubber That Makes Cleaning A Breeze

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If there's a lonely Mason jar collecting dust in your cupboard, this is your sign to finally put it to good use. With a little bit of creativity, these versatile jars can be repurposed in a multitude of ways. From food storage to home decor, a single unused Mason jar has so much potential. This DIY project, in particular, will allow you to repurpose your jar into a handy dish soap dispenser, which is indisputably one of the best items for your kitchen if you don't have a dishwasher. 

This useful gadget will make cleaning up after mealtimes so much easier by adding speed and efficiency to your dishwashing routine. With this tutorial, you can upcycle your unused Mason jar into a brilliant household essential in just a few minutes. This DIY is easy peasy — even the novice crafter can't go wrong. So, clear your work surface because it's time to give your Mason jar a new lease on life. 

How to make a soap dispensing dish sponge with a Mason jar

Make this handy dish-scrubbing tool with just a Mason jar, dish soap, and a simple kitchen sponge. For this project, you will need a Mason jar lid with a hole in the center. A set of eight lids can be found on Amazon for less than $8. Or, cut small holes into a traditional Mason jar lid by placing a nail in the center and hammering it through. If you have a hole-puncher, you can also use it to create one larger opening in the center. 

Once you have your materials, cut your dish sponge into a circle to match the shape of the jar lid. Attach the sponge by applying hot glue around the edge of the lid and pressing the two items together. As the final step, fill the glass jar with dish soap and twist the lid back on with the sponge facing up. Test out your new cleaning tool by swirling the sponge around on a plate. If your craft is successful, the soap will dispense from the jar and absorb into your sponge without a hitch.

Why upcycling a Mason jar is always a good idea

People have mixed opinions about whether or not Mason jars as home decor are going out of style, but their functionality is indisputable. These glass jars are sturdy, air-tight, and heat-resistant, making them suitable for a wide range of uses. You can make breakfast oats, mix cocktails, store dry goods, and dispense your dish soap, all with a Mason jar.

Mason jar lids are versatile in their own right. You can do all kinds of fun things with a lid, like transforming it into a custom DIY coaster that keeps furniture protected. You can also use them in the garden and create a genius jar lid bird feeder that will bring all the birds to the yard.

If you already have a jar at home that's ready to be repurposed, avoid spending unnecessary money on a soap-dispensing dish scrubber from the store. When it's time for a fresh sponge, reuse the same jar and just replace the lid. If there's anything to take away from this article, it's that Mason jars are underrated must-haves in your home.