TikTok Proves The IKEA STALL Is The Perfect Slim Solution For Bathroom Storage

Are you working with a bathroom that has minimal storage space? Don't have a small closet close by to store all of those extra towels and hygienic supplies? If you find yourself in desperate need of a solution for your bathroom storage that doesn't take up too much space, don't worry — we found one. Clever organization experts online have thought of a simple and relatively cheap fix using the popular IKEA STÄLL cabinet for storing all of your bathroom needs.

Originally meant for shoe storage, the STÄLL cabinet comes with four slim compartments that slide forward to reveal a slip pocket for storage. Priced at $150, this cabinet certainly comes in clutch if you're working with small spaces like a tight hallway, or in this case, a small bathroom. Here's how you can utilize the STÄLL from IKEA and make the most of your bathroom storage and create a beautiful bath vanity without the hefty price tag.

How to set up the IKEA STALL to maximize your bathroom storage

First, consider the measurements of the STÄLL before deciding where to put it. While this storage cabinet is a slim 6 3/4-inches in depth, the cabinet stands at 35 3/8-inches tall and a width of 37 3/4-inches. The sliding compartments add an additional 4 3/4" to the depth, so give yourself at least a foot if you're working with a tight space. Once you've figured out where the cabinet will go, you'll attach it to the wall and then attach the compartments. From there, it's time to fill and spruce it up with some decor! In this particular video posted by TikTok user @jolie.home.store, the cabinet is mostly used to store extra towels and washcloths. Another compartment is used to put away those other hard-to-store items like hair dryers, curlers, and straighteners.

Now that your bathroom cabinet is set up, it's time to style it: turn your new towel storage cabinet into a gorgeous bathroom vanity by propping or hanging an IKEA bath mirror at the center. Add candles, scented diffusers, and maybe a green plant that will thrive in a humid bathroom. This could also be a great place to charge your electric toothbrush or water pick, or space for a small cosmetics organizer.

Other clever bathroom storage solutions

Now that you have your makeshift bathroom vanity (and at such a low price!) why not get creative with other ways to expand your bathroom storage? If you're heading to IKEA for the STÄLL, you might as well grab the HEMNES shelf as well. This narrow shelf adds a number of shelves to your wall without having to install individual floating shelves, and even has a bar at the bottom for your bathroom towels.

A tiered over-the-toilet shelf also provides extra storage in a small space. To keep things tidy, use baskets on these shelves to keep things hidden and keep your space looking serene. But don't overclutter your space with baskets or it will look too busy; solutions such as mirror cabinets and sink skirts can help with that. If you have a lot of wall space to work with, add in some small bathroom shelves that will maximize your space, perfect for baskets of bathroom supplies like wipes and extra toilet paper, jars of hygiene products like cotton balls and Q-Tips, and of course, a pop of color with a plant or small visual art or even a dried flower arrangement.