Design Details That Made This Cabo San Lucas Home A House Hunters Favorite

Mexican interior design is a famous style that can always provide some inspiration. A mix of Spanish and indigenous tastes, it's loved for how it blends with the local surroundings and always makes a home feel warm and welcoming. These traits are what made a Cabo San Lucas villa from House Hunters somewhere we'd love to stay in.

The world is packed with so many magical design styles out there, and they are typically centered around the types of materials, shapes, and colors you would like in your home. For example, industrial style focuses on cool shades, metal accents, and classic furniture pieces. Some styles are also centered around geographic regions and the creative ways people design their homes based on climate, weather, and cultural tastes or influences, like Mediterranean, Japanese, or Scandinavian decor. That's why Mexican-style homes like this Cabo San Lucas beauty, influenced by the Spanish style, are marked by bright colors, rustic furniture, and a strong use of unique and intricate patterns. 

The intricate details

This Cabo episode of House Hunters became a fan-favorite for many reasons, including how well all the homes fit into the landscape. The second home in the show had a much stronger traditional style, however, and felt like the most authentic space, as seen in the YouTube video from the episode. Some design details that stood out were the exposed wooden beams in the living room and the strong presence of wood throughout the home. There were wooden cabinets in the kitchen and bedrooms, as well as wooden chairs and doors. 

The upholstered dining table chairs, bed frame, cupola roof, terracotta tiles, and patterned rugs also added to the charm because of their uniqueness. Overall, this Cabo San Lucas home had a lot of personality, creating an instant feeling of comfort. The warm, quirky features made it look lived-in (in the best way) and like a place where you could get cozy instantly upon moving in. If you're trying to recreate this style, details like the exposed beams and patterned tiles are classic ways to bring Spanish style into your home decor

Connection to the natural surroundings

Any discussion about traditional Mexican home design that's authentic to the location wouldn't be complete without talking about the country's indigenous civilizations. The Aztecs used local materials like stone and planned their cities around the environment, one example being Tenochtitlán, which was built in a lake. In the villa showcased on House Hunters, one major design detail that connected the property to the local surroundings was the bedroom tub. Quite possibly the star of the home, the tub was carved out of a natural rock on the land when the home was built. It may not be to everyone's taste, but it is definitely a strong feature. 

Another feature that can create a link between a property and its surroundings is tiles. We don't know where the terracotta tiles in this Cabo home are from, but we do know that handmade tiles are popular in Mexican design, making them another fabulous detail to consider. Talavera tiles, for example, can be incorporated in most spots in the home, anywhere from the bathroom to the patio.