TikTok Proves The IKEA MALM Is Perfect For Extra Kitchen Storage

Anyone living in a small apartment or house knows the struggle of never having enough storage space. The kitchen is one room where this tends to be a problem. When you're limited by the cubic feet of a cabinet and your air fryer is already taking up residence on your countertops, you have to get creative and literally think outside of the small box that is your cooking space. While your first port of call might be a rolling cart or stationary island, one TikTok user thought of bringing in a furniture item that isn't usually seen in this room.

The clever solution involves using IKEA's MALM chest to make the most of what little space is available and provide enough drawers for stowing plates, cups, and more. This super simple hack proves that these drawers are the ultimate workhorses when it comes to bringing in more room for holding all your cooking essentials. Here's what you need to copy the idea and finally clear the clutter that hasn't had a home.

How to use IKEA's MALM cabinets in the kitchen

If you've run out of room for your pots and pans or selection of spice jars, TikTok user @interiorxlifestyle came up with a quick fix that helps optimize space with an IKEA buy. Depending on how much space you have available (always make sure you measure), you can use one six-drawer IKEA MALM or two of the two-drawer MALM units. While you've likely seen these drawers in bedrooms and closets, they're actually the perfect solution for compact cooking spaces, too. All you need to decide is where you'll put them. 

Clear out the area and assemble the drawers as per the instructions. These can fit neatly under a countertop or, if you're really DIY-savvy, you can craft a worktop or stylish surface that rests on top of the drawers. It's the perfect way to utilize every square inch of space and provide roomy storage if your current layout isn't working. You could even paint the unit or line the drawers with patterned adhesive paper to make them stand out. 

What to store in your IKEA kitchen cabinets

If you're wondering how to reorganize your kitchen and what to store in this new unit, take a page out of @interiorxlifestyle's book and turn it into a coffee or hot drink station. You can fill the drawers with your favorite mugs and keep your coffee grounds, tea bags, and hot cocoa packets all contained in this area, too, freeing up room in cabinets or counter space. With a good set of dividers, these drawers can be ideal for storing smaller items like eating utensils, seasonings, food storage containers, or snacks. Plates and bowls can also be tucked away neatly. 

Why choose this setup over rolling carts and open cabinet units? While the alternatives can be useful, they often aren't walled in, meaning items can fall out, and stacking is risky. With closed-in cabinet drawers, everything stays safe and secure. The MALM cabinet also keeps your stored items out of sight. Sometimes, spaces feel cluttered simply because you can see all of your appliances, utensils, and dinnerware at once. This closed cabinet provides a clean, streamlined aesthetic, which will keep your small kitchen looking sleek and spacious.