A Simple Paint Job Can Make Your Shower Look Modern And New

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Self-care is best enjoyed in a calming environment, and let's face it, there is nothing serene about an outdated shower. If your bathroom could use some refurbishing, you'll be happy to know that a simple paint job could be all it takes to give your bathroom the modern upgrade it needs. Instead of spending a fortune on remodeling, this project will allow you to update your bathroom on a budget.

The best part is that you don't need to be a DIY expert to get beautiful results. It's accessible even for the beginner painter, as long as you're willing to put in the time and effort. It may be relatively easy, but it is not a job you can complete in one day. However, the final result will be well worth it. By acquiring the right materials and following the steps closely, you can make your shower look brand new again and avoid rookie mistakes along the way.

How to transform your shower with paint

According to TikToker @cedar_hill_builder, this paint job will give your old-school shower a brand-new look and feel. Before you begin, remove the sliding door or curtain, deep clean the shower, and caulk any open areas. To prepare your shower for painting, scrub it thoroughly with sandpaper and remove dust by rinsing and letting it dry. It's important to select paint for shower and tub interiors. The TikToker used a self-leveling tub and tile refinishing kit from Amazon with a hardening solution and paint roller included. Depending on the material from which it's made, you may need to coat your shower with primer. Apply painter's tape around the edges, as well as the faucet and shower head. You may need to wait a day after applying the primer before you can begin to paint. Several coats may be needed, so leave room in the budget for several cans.

To transform your shower doors, as the video shows, begin by cleaning and taping the glass. After lightly sanding the metal frames, coat them with shellac-based primer and black enamel-based spray paint. The same process will be necessary for the frame attached to the shower — don't remove it, or you may damage it. Once the frames are dry, the optional last step is to apply strips of reeded privacy film to make your glass shower doors less revealing and more modern.

Essential tips for painting your shower the right way

Paint jobs are often a bigger endeavor than they seem at the outset. There are a lot of steps to perfectly painting your bathroom, so being well-equipped is essential. Be sure not to rush the process, especially the initial deep cleaning and sanding. The more thoroughly you prep, the more effectively your paint will adhere to the shower walls. Protective equipment is important because the strong fumes will permeate within the small area of your shower. In addition to your painting supplies, you will need gloves, a painter's mask, and glasses.

Try applying even strokes in the same direction with your roller to keep it looking smooth. There's no need to use excessive amounts of paint since you will go over the same areas on your next coat. Be sure to give the primer and paint enough time to dry, especially before using your shower. With all of these tips in mind, you can't go wrong. Most importantly, enjoy the process because what's the point of a DIY project if you're not having fun?