26 Wildly Bizarre Things Homeowners Have Found In Their Yard

Being a homeowner comes with just about as many pros and cons as the upsides and downsides of apartment living. While people will always debate about whether renting or owning is the better lifestyle, most agree that owning a house requires more responsibility. And if your home has a yard, you have even more duties to worry about. Not only do many homeowners have to take care of landscaping their front yards and back spaces themselves, but when doing so, they should also be prepared to stumble across some bizarre findings, as you never know what might pop up on your lawn.

For instance, a Quora user wrote, "I found some musket balls in the garden. They belonged to the English civil war when the Royalists were camped in my town and there was a skirmish with the Parliamentarians. I also found some clay pipes." After this unexpected discovery, the user donated them to the historical society. And that one odd finding is just the beginning, as strange things end up in yards more frequently than you may think. Below, we've listed 26 peculiar items people have found on their properties.

1. A huge chunk of green jasper

This homeowner came across quite a "rockin" discovery. He wrote in the caption of his Instagram post that he finds many intriguing rocks in his backyard and assumes that the people who owned the property before him were obsessed with cool stones. But the green jasper is an extra-special find, as this stone is linked to healing and is said to bring a calm feel and other positive effects. Further, this rock is pretty large and could be worth quite a bit of money if sold.

2. A hunting gun

Imagine how terrifying it would be to go about your day walking in your yard, only to discover a strange pillowcase in a random bag — with a loaded hunting gun and cell phone inside. That sounds like the opening scene of an intense Hollywood action movie, right? Well, this became a reality for a man who found exactly this in his Calgary, Canada home's yard in 2014. The man must have been horrified, as discovering an unrecognized loaded gun is likely to leave chills down anyone's spine.

3. A large piece of granite

As you can tell from many of our articles, there are some unbeatable advantages to choosing granite countertops and other features made out of this material in your home. But randomly discovering a large granite chunk on your lawn is another story, and the notches make the find even more mysterious. There are a few possibilities for how this large stone ended up on this person's property, including that it could have been part of a staircase of an old building or perhaps a property marker. What's your guess?

4. An ultra-old Clorox bottle with bleach in it

Finding a random modern Clorox bottle in your yard with bleach inside would be pretty weird. But what's even more bizarre? When digging in their yard to plant a tree, someone who owns a 100-year-old estate discovered a vintage Clorox bottle — that still had bleach inside. The bottle is undoubtedly quite old, as it's made of glass, and Clorox changed its bottles to plastic in 1960. What's even more interesting is that the glass bottle managed to stay in one piece without any breaks or cracks after so many decades. 

5. Cans filled with gold coins worth millions of dollars

In 2014, a Northern California couple won a metaphorical lottery when they found some super lucky cans in their yard — because the cans contained tons of mint-condition gold coins that date back to the 19th century. This discovery was worth millions of dollars, as some of the coins were quite rare, so this is arguably the best find anyone has ever stumbled upon in their yard. But before you consider relocating to Northern California in hopes of getting that lucky, remember that finding such fortunes doesn't happen every day.

6. An extremely-tiny deer antler shed

Anyone with an appreciation and interest in animals and wildlife can agree that deer antler sheds are usually intriguing finds. For anyone who doesn't know what a deer shed is, bucks painlessly lose their antlers each year before they start to grow new ones, and those dropped antlers can end up in people's yards if the deer sheds on a lawn. An adorable discovery, this Instagram user found one so abnormally tiny that she just had to post a picture, and a commenter suggested turning it into jewelry.

7. An undetonated bomb

Not only was this discovery unsettling, but it was also dangerous. Recently, a woman living in Plymouth, England was unpleasantly surprised to find an undetonated German bomb from World War II in her yard. The situation caused thousands of people to have to evacuate, and the woman was not only disturbed but felt a sense of guilt from what she found. Digging up the over 1,000 pound bomb damaged her garden, but at least her insurance helped with the payments. Eventually, the bomb was towed out successfully and brought to sea to detonate.

8. Beautiful peacock feathers

Of course, finding a feather from an ordinary bird in your yard isn't particularly strange. However, if you live in the United States, finding a peacock feather in your front or backyard would be beyond bizarre, as most people believe that peacocks are only spotted in India, South Asia, and zoos — not normal yards in America. However, there are actually feral peacocks that reside in the states of California, Texas, Hawaii, and Florida. So, if anyone else discovers these stunning blue and green feathers in their yard, they should try to investigate, as they might just be lucky enough to stumble across a peacock.

9. A strange-looking animal foot

Some strange yard discoveries aren't dangerous or beautiful — they're just downright peculiar. For example, this disturbing yard find appears to be some type of foot from an animal. The warm tones and bumpy-looking texture indicate that it could have been part of a reptile. Fortunately, the finder also found humor in their offputting finding, captioning the Instagram post, "Found this in the dirt under my office window. I think a squirrel brought it to trade for birdseed." If the Instagram user's theory is correct, that must have been one clever squirrel.

10. A graveyard

What would you do if you found that your home was built right next to a grave? Well, that was recently a reality for one man who had heard about the grave in his backyard from his father. Wanting to see if the claims were based in fact, he dug around his property in Lawndale, California and discovered a gravestone from a World War II veteran. Obviously, this is quite a shocking thing for someone to find under their lawn.

11. A stone with the letter B carved into it

Although it's not the most unsettling discovery on the list, an Instagram user was baffled when she discovered a stone with the letter "B" in her backyard. The stone clearly never belonged to her, so where it came from and how it ended up on her property is a mystery. Looking at the imperfect corners and condition, it seems old, which only adds to the eeriness of the discovery. Most likely, it was a yard decoration left behind by the previous owners, but how do you think it got there? 

12. A previously-lost diamond ring on a carrot

If you don't believe in miracles, this touching story might get you to change your mind. In 2017, a Canadian woman lost a diamond ring in her garden 13 years prior and was heartbroken about it, regretting pulling on the weed that caused her to lose the special item. While she eventually gave up looking and thought it was gone forever, the woman's daughter-in-law found a carrot in the garden with her mother-in-law's diamond ring wrapped right around it. Can you think of a lovelier — and luckier — story?

13. An inherited turnbuckle

A mystery easily solved, one Instagram user found this turnbuckle, an item used with ropes, cables, and other wire items, in their yard but revealed that the previous owners of her house must have left it behind. Still, it would certainly be strange to suddenly find a turnbuckle in your new yard without any note or heads-up, as they aren't tiny objects. Perhaps the prior homeowners left it as a gift for the new owners or just simply forgot about it. But the discovery could be confusing if the person who found it didn't know what a turnbuckle was.

14. An old doll

Some bizarre yard discoveries walk the line between cute and creepy, and this old-looking doll dances on that line. From both the dirty state of the doll and the overall appearance, this toy looks like it could be quite a few years old. A child who used to live in the home was probably playing outside and dropped the doll, never to be found again — until someone, many years later, discovered it and posted it on social media. If you found this in your yard, would you find it amusing or unsettling?

15. A dead fish

Finding a dead fish in your yard wouldn't be pleasant, especially if the random discovery was as startling and off-putting as this image. And if you don't live on a beach, lake, or anywhere else where fish swim, the finding would be even more bizarre. Likely, this fish ended up in this homeowner's backyard when a large bird dropped their meal while flying by. Even with this possible explanation, the discovery is still quite peculiar. If this happens to you, you could add the fish to your DIY compost pile if desired.

16. A nuclear bunker

If you found a door leading underground on your lawn, would you investigate or assume it led to nothing? Well, one Wisconsin couple that actually found doors in their backyard didn't open them for a decade. When they finally did in 2013, they discovered something they hadn't expected to find: a stocked bomb shelter from the '60s that was likely built out of fear of the atomic bomb during the Cold War. While it had been flooded, some of the items, which would have lasted for a family for two weeks, were still intact in the space.

17. A piece of broken pottery

One person found an artifact in their yard that appears to have been hand painted with blue and black colors, then sealed with a varnish. There's really no way to know when this piece was made and how it ended up in the backyard. Whether it used to be a vase, bowl, or tray is a mystery as well, and the item is quite a bizarre thing to find. If you found this in your yard, would you keep looking for more pieces and perhaps try to put it back together? 

18. Big and bulky pieces of glass

While discovering a single piece of broken pottery in the yard can be interesting, consistently finding broken glass that all looks like it came from various containers could lend itself to a larger story. Before regular trash collection, many buried their broken items in their yard instead of taking them to the dump — which could be one explanation. Another is that perhaps the glass items were thrown into the yard because of a storm with high winds or a tornado. Either way, if you keep finding glass pieces in your yard, ensure you stay safe and don't walk around barefoot.

19. An old poison lid

Of all the things you want to find on your property, a lid with the word "Poison" engraved on it probably isn't one of them. However, this was a reality for one homeowner, who later posted the picture on social media. While you may be thinking this was used for something sinister, it could have also been used as pest control or for something a bit less spooky. Still, it would probably be unsettling to find this in your yard. 

20. A brick from 1908

History enthusiasts will likely envy this homeowner who found what looks like a brick engraved with the year "1908" in their yard. With a closer look, you can see the significant texture and wear and tear on the piece, demonstrating its age. An item that's engraved with a date proving it's over 100 years old is quite a bizarre but interesting find. Most likely, the current estate or previous home on the property was built in this year and the relic was left behind by previous owners.

21. A duffel bag of marijuana in a hot tub

Any fan of TV shows like "Breaking Bad" and "The Gentlemen" will likely be fascinated by this wild discovery. When a man who lived in Los Angeles was attempting to put solar panels on his home in 2012, he found a duffel bag in his empty hot tub that was filled with thousands of dollars worth of marijuana. Upon finding the stash in his yard, the man called the police and had them confiscate it. He also left a picture of the officer holding the bag with a note about police surveillance where the drugs were previously stashed. 

22. A gallon of milk

Of all the things you would expect to find in your yard, a gallon of milk probably isn't at the top of the list. Still, for one homeowner, this was a reality. After stepping outside their home, they discovered an open gallon of milk sitting on a tree's roots on their property. They must have been baffled at the sight and wondered where it came from. Our guess is that it was a silly prank or perhaps a drunken accident. 

23. A 1974 Ferrari

In 1978, a child found one of the largest backyard finds ever. He lived many car enthusiasts' dreams by digging up a 1974 Ferrari that was buried in his yard. A thorough investigation uncovered that thieves had stolen the car from the owner and, shortly after, they buried it. Apparently, the car was still in decent condition, which was surprising. Even more shocking is the fact that no one saw the thieves burying the car. 

24. Angry notes in page protectors

Not every anonymous message is as sweet as a love note. After all, this Instagram user discovered the polar opposite of love letters outside their house. The notes read, "I am done with you!!" and "And you are a piece of garbage." Of course, if these were left deliberately for the person who found them, it would be quite upsetting. However, finding them when they were definitely meant for someone else makes the discovery quite amusing. And the page protectors are arguably the most specific and strange aspect, as someone clearly didn't want their note to be washed away.

25. A cannon that dates back over 150 years

An Australian man was in for an adventure when he looked for a cannon in his yard. The homeowner had heard of the cannon since he was a little boy but hadn't seen it until he had a little "cannon party" in 2023 and dug it up. He assumed that it was buried in the '50s and jokingly said that he didn't know what he planned to do with the discovery, per 7News Australia on YouTube. The cannon is believed to be over 150 years old, and it's a mystery how it got buried in the man's yard.

26. A meteorite

After a stormy night in 2018, one man walked into his front yard in Arizona and found something that looked like a black rock. However, upon studying the piece a bit more, he realized that it wasn't from our planet but was actually a meteorite that had fallen from the sky. This is quite a unique thing to find in your yard, especially since, in the past 212 years, only about nine meteorites have been found and verified in the United States annually, per Washington University in St. Louis.