11 Smart Ways To Repurpose Old Spice Jars In Your Home And Garden

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After the salt and pepper run out, what do you do with the empty spice jars? Recycling them is a good place to start, but repurposing them around your home and garden is even better. The mini containers are ideal for transforming into organizers, decorations, and tools. We have 11 different ways you can give an old spice jar new life instead of throwing it away.

Our repurposing projects all use glass spice bottles, but plastic containers will also work fine for the majority of these hacks. You'll want to remove the package labeling before transforming any of the shakers. Products like Goo Gone and WD-40 can help to eliminate the glue residue from the stickers. You can also soak the spice jars in water, dish soap, and vinegar for a few hours or overnight to get the labels off, or try using eucalyptus oil, a lifesaver when dealing with sticky residue. Once the sticker is removed, wash the container thoroughly with soap and water, let it dry, and get ready to transform the bottle.

1. Decorate with flowers

Old spice jars are the perfect size for mini flower vases. Either leave the top off completely or use the small holes in the lid to make stems stand upright. Further, you can leave them empty or fill them with water, pebbles, beads, and sand before adding in your flowers. They fit nicely as an ornament on a mantle, bookshelf, or tabletop. You're not limited to flowers either. Switch things up with different branches, feathers, leaves, or even pipe cleaners.

2. Propagate plant clippings

For all the people with green thumbs out there, you can use empty spice jars to propagate a houseplant. Insert the stems through the holes in the seasoning's lid to keep the clippings upright and prevent them from drowning. The bottles can fit on a windowsill and won't take up much space in your room. Once your cutting grows roots, you can plant it and reuse the spice jar for more propagation.

3. Store plant seeds

Another way spice jars are handy for plant life is for storing the seeds you collect from your garden to plant the following year. The durable container offers protection against water, dust, and pests. You can leave the seed-filled jars in the shed or garage with the rest of your gardening tools. Furthermore, this is also a cute handmade gift to bestow to another plant lover.

4. Plant seeds in the garden

This hack is especially useful when planting lots of tiny seeds in your garden. Instead of placing each seed into the soil one-by-one, save time and energy by pouring the seeds into a spice jar and then shaking them out over your prepared ground. Then, once they've been planted, cover them with more soil. If you plant too many and the seedlings end up being overcrowded, you can easily thin them out later.

5. Enjoy the fragrance of potpourri

Potpourri is a great way to add fragrance to your home, and the dried herbs and flowers can be stored in your old spice jars. You can dry out your own herbs and flower petals from the garden for this trick or buy a pre-made potpourri mix and place it in the jar. They are great for leaving around the house in little nooks and crannies for a secret fresh aroma. Just like the storing seeds in a spice jar trick, this is another DIY that doubles as a great homemade gift.

6. Make mini candles

Old spice jars can also become the new home for mini candles. Just add a wick, pour your homemade wax recipe into the clean jar, and let it set, then use it to decorate your home with candles. Plus, once the candle burns out, you can clean the jar and reuse it again and again. However, keep in mind that only glass spice jars will work for this hack, as plastic containers will melt.

7. Upgrade your matchbox

A unique spin on the spice jar is turning it into a match bottle. For this hack, we're breaking the fire sticks out of their cardboard box and putting them into the glass. This is a simple DIY, as all you need to do is add the abrasive strip from the matchbox to the side of the spice jar with glue. Finally, place either the spice jar lid or a piece of cork on top. Now, you can store your matchsticks in a stylish waterproof container.

8. Decant cleaning products

Decanting bulk cleaning products into smaller containers is a great way to free up storage space and keep common areas organized, and spice jars are perfect for this decanting job. Powdered household products like baking soda and laundry soap are best for transferring into the small spice jars, as you can easily shake the bottle and use the contents to clean.

9. DIY fridge magnets

Another fun project with spice jars is making fridge magnets. You can decorate the bottles however you'd like with paint, glitter, twine, and other materials to fit your aesthetic. Just don't forget to add the magnets to a flat side with a strong adhesive so the jar can adhere to the refrigerator. Not only will it be a cute decoration for the appliance, but it is also functional and can hold pens, pencils, paper clips, and other small supplies.

10. Organize supplies on a pegboard

If you don't want to attach the spice jar to your fridge, how about adding it to a pegboard? You can add a wire with a loop around the neck of the spice jar to create a holder that allows it to hang from a hook. Use the storage bottles to house whatever you need, from small tools like nuts and bolts in the garage to craft supplies like beads and sequins in your craft room.

11. Craft shot glasses

Last but not least, you can turn the empty spice jars into shot glasses. These mini cups are ideal for drinks, appetizers, or desserts. You can even apply a coat of non-toxic glass paint to the exterior, like Pebeo Vitrea 160, to give the clear jars a stained glass effect. When using this paint, you'll need to let it dry and bake it in the oven to set it. Pull them out at your next dinner party and give your guests something extra to talk about.