Do Automatic Water Irrigation Apps Actually Work? Our Lawn Care Expert Weighs In

There are several automatic water irrigation apps on the market that claim to make caring for your lawn and garden beds a whole lot easier. In an exclusive interview with House Digest, Ryan Farley, CEO of LawnStarter, gave us the inside scoop on the software connecting your watering system to your electronic device. According to the landscaping professional, "Automatic water irrigation apps are essentially apps that control a smart watering or sprinkler system for your home. Usually, these apps rely on sensors you will incorporate into your sprinkler systems, and can help more precisely control how your lawn is watered."

The ease of automation may reduce yard labor, but it comes with the cost of a smart system that needs installation and maintenance. Before upgrading your manual sprinklers or DIY garden watering system to a high-tech automated version, Farley reveals if smart water infrastructure actually works and is worth the cost.

Automatic water irrigation apps are functional and valuable

"They do tend to work, in my experience! I've had great luck with these systems both personally and professionally," Ryan Farley told House Digest. "They can be a nice way to automate some of your watering process in a way that's more intuitive, environment friendly, and easily accessible through an app." The automatic systems do function and they provide nifty features that give your lawn custom care and reduce your outdoor workload, making it especially beneficial for large outdoor areas. It can also decrease nutrient runoff, giving you an enviously green lawn.

Using an app in conjunction with a smart irrigation system might be worthwhile considering it is a way you can reduce your water footprint too. "They can help avoid things like accidental overwatering and will often incorporate local weather info to best predict how much water your grass and landscaping needs," Farley explained. "This means both more eco-friendly watering, along with cost savings on water bills for you." However, you may be wondering: which automated irrigation software is best for your outdoor space?

How to pick the right automatic water irrigation app

Smart sprinklers can save you money, water, and time, but how do you pick the right system for you? In an exclusive with House Digest, LawnStarter CEO Ryan Farley shared, "My top piece of advice would probably be to shop around since there are several automatic irrigation apps. It's important to find one that will work best for your specific conditions and landscaping."

When searching for an application, there are a few main factors to take into account. Think about if you want a system that is easy to install yourself or if you don't mind calling professionals to set it up. The program also needs to be compatible with your current system and the number of watering zones on your property. Consider that some software has the ability to work with virtual assistants like Google Nest and Amazon Alexa, so you want one that works with your smart home system. Browse through the app store and look for a program that fits your needs. The added convenience of the automatic irrigation system will offset this extra time spent researching. It will benefit you, your plants, and the environment.