Why You Should Leave A Sachet Of Coffee Grounds In Your Dresser Drawers

Does your dresser have a funky smell? This problem may be due to poor ventilation, cigarette smoke, pet dander, or excess moisture, among other things. For example, stale tobacco smoke can make its way into drawers and permeate your clothes, leaving a foul odor. Another possible cause is mold or mildew growth, which can develop if the clothes inside your drawers are damp.

One solution is to place a sachet of coffee grounds in the dresser drawers. Leftover coffee grounds have lots of different uses around the house due to their ability to repel pests, absorb odors, and remove stuck-on debris. Caffeine, the active compound in coffee, is rich in nitrogen, a scentless gas that helps eliminate sulfur from the air. Simply put, it acts as a natural deodorizer, leaving your drawers smelling fresh.

On a similar note, you can leave a bowl or sachet of coffee grounds in your closet, kitchen, car, or garage to get rid of stenches. "I've noticed the same coffee grounds will keep an area odor-free for a couple of weeks before having to toss and replace," said one Redditor. Another user added, "I use a sock filled with coffee grounds and keep it in the shoes overnight or even for a couple of days. It works a treat!"

Get musty smells out of your dresser drawers with coffee grounds

Coffee grounds can be a wonderful alternative to conventional dresser deodorizers and fresheners, which often contain all sorts of chemicals. All you need to do is let them dry, then put them in a cheesecloth bag. Tie off the ends and place the pouch in your dresser drawers to banish bad smells. If you're feeling creative, use a couple of coffee filters as scented sachets. Fill them with coffee grounds, secure them with a colorful ribbon, and then leave them in your drawers.

If you're dealing with a particularly strong stink, replace the coffee ground packets every day until the smell dissipates. Otherwise, you can leave them in your drawers for a week or longer. A word of caution, though: if the drawer has a musty smell, you may be dealing with mold or mildew. Coffee grounds can mask the scent, but they won't eliminate the root cause of the problem.

Another aspect to consider is that this hack can bring uninvited "guests" into your bedroom. Caffeine is a natural insecticide, but coffee grounds can attract German cockroaches with their distinct odor. If this is a potential issue for you, it might be better to freshen up your drawers with baking soda. Not only does it have natural deodorizing properties, but it can also deter roaches and other insects.