Prevent Your Swimsuits From Fading With This Easy Laundry Tip

Swimsuits, especially high-quality ones, are getting more expensive, so it's important to know how to make them last. How you care for them between uses goes a long way in preventing them from shrinking, sagging, or fading. One easy tip to deter fading is to reduce the amount of chlorine your swimsuit absorbs. You can do this by rinsing it with cold water before entering the pool or hot tub.

Swimsuits can fade for a number of reasons, and adopting certain care practices before, during, and after use is the key to maintaining their color and quality. One common factor is how you wash your swimsuit. Another is the type of detergent you use and the amount, which is one of the things everyone gets wrong when doing laundry in general. Other common issues are exposure to UV rays and absorption of salt water and pool chemicals like chlorine, which weaken the material and shorten the piece's lifespan. Taking measures against chlorine absorption is especially helpful because of how much the chemical can affect a swimsuit when it comes in contact with it.

Rinse your swimsuit before getting into the pool

Chlorine poses a problem to the quality of swimsuits because it's a strong chemical. Its purpose is to kill bacteria, and it needs to be present in a good enough amount to sanitize the hot tub or pool. But this can also damage swimsuit materials, so it's best to avoid being in such conditions for too long. To prevent your swimsuit from fading due to chlorine, make it a habit to wet it thoroughly before going into the pool. You can wet it in the sink or under a shower before putting it on. When a swimsuit initially gets wet, it absorbs the most water; this step ensures it soaks mainly chlorine-free water. 

You should also rinse the swimsuit thoroughly afterward to remove the chlorine. If you're in the market for new swim pieces, consider those made of chlorine-resistant materials so you don't have to worry about this too much. Swimsuits that are made of nylon or polyester are good options. Swimandsweat offers chlorine-resistant swimsuits, and we like the dolphin V-neck one-piece, which comes in 6 different prints in the front. It costs $64 on the Swimandsweat site.